Expressive script fonts

Expressive script fonts are a great way to introduce some energy into your designs. They can be use in standalone words as logos, for packaging, and in editorial design. They’re also a great way to change pace as part of a system of typographic hierarchy, as headers or subheads. Here are 3 of our favorite expressive script fonts to get you started.

1. LiebeGarda by LiebeFonts

LiebeGarda by script master Ulrike Rausch is a beautifully crafted script with lots of OpenType magic designed to give that truly authentic brush-script feel. The whole family of four fonts is $79.

2. Indie & Indie Inline by Sproviero type

Indie and Indie Inline, designed by
Maximiliano R. Sproviero, are magnificently energetic brush scripts with a tight ryhtm and explosive energy. I’m particularly fond of the inline style. Pro type tip: the inline part of the letters can be colored to really good effect.

3. Reina Neue by Sproviero type

Another script gem from maestro Maximiliano, Reina Neue is thoroughly ‘swashtastic’ and outrageous. Introduce some flair and texture with scores of swashes and alternate letterforms. An absolute must-have script.

For more scripts, check out the ILT font store.

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