Demystifying the business & craft of type
If you’re a designer looking to expand your knowledge of type, or a foundry trying to navigate the font business, we’ve got something for you. Explore new scripts or master font production with one of our courses. Pick the brains of an industry expert, or level up with one-on-one tutoring with some of the best designers practicing today!

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Upcoming courses:
Intro to Latin Type Design | Font Engineering | Mastering Web Typography | Intro to Arabic Type Design | Lettering to Font Worshop


Expand your design space
If you’d like to learn from the best, from the comfort of home, then take a workshop or sign up for of our 12-session courses! Choose from many type design and font production classes. They’re taught online and in different languages.


Step up your design game
Looking to fill in some missing pieces of the design puzzle? Book a tutoring session with an ILT instructor and you’ll have a fully dedicated, tailor-made class to answer all your burning questions. You can even sign up as a group!


Dedicated to client work
If you’re a foundry or design agency looking to consult with a font expert, then you’ve arrived at the right place! Some of the most celebrated, best and brightest in the industry are ready to help you deliver the best work to your clients.


Demystifying font business
This is the only educational space where you can learn EVERYTHING about the font business. OEM and Enterprise Sales, Pricing, Legal, and much more. Anything, really, that will help you build a successful career in the font world!

What would you like to learn?

We’d love to know the kinds of topics you’re interested in learning. Head to our Google Form to let us know…

courses | tutoring | consulting | seminars | instructors | contact

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