Hot New Fonts: Rotulo

A quick heads up about a great new release from Huy!Fonts. Rotulo is a huge new sans serif family that comes in 90, yes ninety styles. If you prefer varaible fonts, then this is your lucky day because Rotulo also comes in a single variable font with all three axes — width, weight, and slant — baked in.

Rotulo by Huy!Fonts

Rotulo is based on vintage sign-painters’ contrasted sans, that with the right color palettes exhibits a cool ’70s vibe. The range of widths and weights is impressive. looks great in all-caps too and would be perfect for branding, editorial design (print or online), and could also work well for advertising (especially in the broadest and heaviest weights).

For more fonts from Huy!Fonts, check out their ILT font store foundry page.

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