Introduction to Greek Type Design

With Irene Vlachou: Starts Jan. 2023
This introductory course is 24 hours of teaching spread over 4 months. The course is for anyone interested in Greek type design! Those with previous knowledge in type design will be able to progress more quickly, but the course is structured in such a way that no advance knowledge of either Greek or type design is required. However, the participants need to have a strong background in design principles and DTP applications. The course will be taught in English.

About the course
The objective of the course is for anyone interested in type design to expand their knowledge to an alphabet system further than Latin by developing a design methodology, and learning its potential application in the real situations. More specifically to gain some basic knowledge on Greek script, its history, the current state of affairs and how to approach it and complement another script.

Course structure
(classes take place at 4pm UK time)

  • Session 1: 12 January — Intro to Greek alphabet + exercise 1
  • Session 2: 19 January — Explore styles + exercise 2
  • Session 3: 26 January — Creating a system + exercise 3
  • Session 4: 2 February — Defining a scope, beginning of a typeface project
  • Session 5: 9 February — History 1, type review of basic lc character set
  • Session 6: 16 February — History 2, type review of small lc character set
  • Session 7: 23 February — Proofing, specimen design and type review of small lc character set
  • Session 8: 2 March — History 3, type review of complete basic lc set
  • Session 9: 16 March — type review of complete basic lc set
  • Session 10: 30 March — type review of complete basic uc set
  • Session 11: 13 April — Technical Greek: OpenType features + encodings, Type review of extra styles
  • Session 12: 27 April — Final presentations, fonts and specimen

Course materials and projects
The course is consisting of hands-on exercises, study of primary and secondary sources of Greek typography and one main project. Thought the three exercises the participants will experiment and examine the possibilities of the Greek script and learn through practice. Some basic historical information will be given in a form of lectures in the middle of the course.
The main project will be will be an opportunity for each participant to design their own new Greek typeface and apply their gained knowledge into practice.
Participants will be required to work in between sessions — this is crucial for the main project to develop fully.

The course is open to a maximum of 15 participants. This ensures that every student gets ample time for feedback.

How will it work?
The course will use the latest software in order to set up a virtual classroom and a resource centre for the course materials. Participants will need to join the weekly sessions via a Zoom link. A stable internet connection is required, as well as the latest Glyphs software on a Mac. macOS 11 or later and Glyphs 3 are recommended. We will install FontTools/ttx at the beginning of the course.

Fees and registration
The course fee is £990 + 20% VAT (if applicable) and is non-refundable. Participants are exempt of VAT if registering as an EU business. To register, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected]


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