Three Free Fonts

A brief post today to introduce you to three quality free fonts. There are plenty of poor quality free fonts out there. Some are missing important characters, others are just poorly drawn, or are bastardized versions of popular font families. But some $0 fonts are great quality and make welcome additions to anyone’s font library. Here are just three of the many quality free fonts from the ILT font store:

1. Helsinki XXL

Helsinki XXL from Ludwig Type is a free font family in two weights: a heavy hitting Black weight and a delicate Thin. Perfect for mixing and matching in posters and for headings in print or online.

2. Milka

A very cool ‘counterless’ stencil type from Lettersoup foundry. The Milka family comprises eight fonts, and the all-caps Milka Free Regular, as its name suggests, is a free font. Great for stopping the scroll, for an oversized drop-cap in a magazine design, or for a gig poster.

3. Comic Code

Inspired by you-know-what, Comic Code, designed by Toshi Omagari, is no joke as a coding typeface — its our best-selling coding font family.
Try out the free weights, regular and italic, then come back for more. These two free fonts are demo fonts, so some characters are missing, but you’ll still get a feel for the fonts, and know if they’re right for you.

For more quality free fonts, visit the ILT font store.

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