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August marks iLT’s first birthday, and I’d like to ask you all for suggestions on how we might celebrate. I have begun organising some prizes, so if you can think of a competition or whatever, then let me know in the comments below. Don’t be shy.

I’ve recently begun heading this post with a lovely photo of found type. Let’s stick with that. Here’s one from Simon Pascal Klein:

simon pascal klein

The image/photo blog is a newly created section of Simon’s blog called TypeNuts. Simon contacted me upon realising that I’d used the same name for the early iLT cartoons and an idea for a type news site that I’m still developing. So, if you can think of an alternative name, then let him know.

Bekka Palmer takes a look at garbage type—literally type constructed from garbage. Don’t try this in your living room:

Matt Sutter’s Octopus made entirely from Avenir, and called—well, could it be called anything else—the Typtopus—has found its way onto a t-shirt:

typtotus t-shirt

Some hyperbole in the title, but several nice posters in 40+ Killer Typographic Posters. This is one of my favourites:

beauty type poster

A while back I mentioned the Inkthis exhibition in Leicester. Here are some photos of the event:

inkthis 3: facelift


The Flickr set is here. I’d love to organise this kind of event in Japan some day.

Discovered the work of Robert Bolesta. Here’s value Pack from way back in 2005:

robert bolesta value pack

Are there words that you consistently misread? Painter Christopher Wool and writer/musician Richard Hell teamed up to create Psychopts a collection of frequently misread word pairs:


Salve mistaken for slave. Via mediabistro. Would love a copy, though I think they’ve sold out.

Aegir Hallmundur of Ministry of Type has been busy with beziers again. This time he has done a wonderful job of resurrecting this wonderful poster with its rather nice PK monogram.

ministry of type

Be sure to see Aegir’s stamps too:

polish stamps

He mentions printing these A3. I certainly hope so; they’d make beautiful posters. Inspiration from AceJet 170‘s post.

I mentioned the Konstfack Characters last month. A recent post on typographer.org led me to this video of the characters in action:

F is quite the dribbler; a little greedy though.

Some ceramic type from Stephanie DeArmond:

stephanie dearmond

A couple of noteworthy book covers. On the left, Milk, designed by Barbara deWilde; on the right, Kerouac’s On the Road, designed by Jez Burrows for Penguin’s 2008 Design Award.

book design

Love the intro to Debbie Millman‘s Design Matters Live video. What’s more, it’s an interview with none other than the hugely talented designer Marian Bantjes:

And a recent piece from Bantjes for Wired:

marian bantjes

This piece on Wikipedia made me laugh a lot. Upon reflection, it’s not so funny (perhaps too much caffeine), but I still like it. Introducing, not an italic, not even an oblique, but … drum roll … the Rotalic:

rotalic the rotated italic

Via itsnicethat.com.

Love these PoppTags, letterpressed gift cards to accompany your gift of wine:


Via swissmiss.

I just picked up the latest issue of idea (アイデア) magazine, which features the work of Herb Lubalin, Alan Fletcher, et. al. Content includes a great republished interview with Lublain (from 1969), an article by Helmut Schmid on the work of Karl Gerstner, and much more.

idea magazine

idea magazine

herb lublain idea magazine

Spot the deliberate mistake in the last spread. Why isn’t idea magazine more popular outside of Japan? In time, I’ll upload some more spreads to my Flickr Idea set.

Matthew Raw’s Barrier Language Wall:

matthew raw

Sunday Links

Type badges from unconfessableideas

Graphic Design Museum Breda—photos

3D Type

Better CSS Font Stacks—via Andy Rutledge

Everywhere but body type

Calligraphy is art t-shirt

Down with Helvetica; design your own font—via How

Type Tips

Sometimes when setting type, you may need to set just a word or two with accented characters that your chosen font just doesn’t have. If you don’t have the accent, then search for a suitable one in another font, adjust baseline shift to ensure that it’s at the right height, then kern your letter and your borrowed accent together:

type tip accented characters

If you find that your text has numerous accented characters that don’t exist in your chosen font, then you’re probably using the wrong font. Good fonts should provide broad language support. Find one that can set all of your text.

There’s a wonderful line in Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style from the chapter on Analphabetic Symbols (chapter 5),

In the republic of typography, the lowliest, most incidental mark is also a citizen.

So, in honour of those oft-overlooked citizens, here are a few periods or full stops:

the humble period / full stop

Though in many fonts, the humble period is circular (or very nearly so), there is ample room for bringing a little character to this incidental mark. Question: in one language the period is actually a letter of the alphabet. Which language?

Today’s Types

First, something fun. Timothy Donaldson’s ITC Jellybaby, curvy and bold with small offset counters:

ITC Jellybaby

And Robert Slimbach’s roman script Brioso Pro:

brioso pro font / typeface

Originally designed in 2004, it’s now available in all its OpenType glory.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Sunday Type. If you missed Jos Buivenga’s mid-week article, Anivers—birth of a typeface, then be sure to take a look. Have a great week.

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