Type Camp 2008

The ultimate vacation

Are you interested in typography? Do you feel that you don’t quite know what you’re doing when it comes to letterforms and text? Do you want to know more? Or perhaps you just want to visit the ‘Typographic Archipelago’ (and get your company to pay)? TypeCamp is one of the few places in the world where you get to relax and talk shop while surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

type camp

This years’ instructors are Tiffany Wardle (aka Typegirl), typographer and graphic designer with fabulous type identifying skills, Dyana Weissman, Font Bureau type designer extraordinaire with Benton Modern Display on her list of accomplishments, and Dr. Shelley Gruendler, typographer, educator and founder of Type Camp.

Is it worth it?

It is whatever you want it to be. Do you want to learn more about typesetting? Type design? Typographic history? Type selection? It’s all there. Our aim is to expose you to all aspects of the subject and beyond what is covered in a classroom. You will meet people from other countries and you will experiment with ideas. It’s not about rigid perfection, it is about flexible learning while enjoying every minute.

Will I have fun?

Of course! It is your chance to travel back to your childhood summer camp where you were able to kick back and feel the sun on your skin and the grass between your toes. Only this time, you get to do this all while finding new inspiration in your design work and being surrounded by other type-keeners.

Breakfast is at the humane hour of 9am and the morning discussions start an hour later. After lunch, we have several hours of workshops and then we go on an excursion to explore the other parts of the island such as Montague Harbour:

type camp

or the Bodega Ridge:

bodega ridge

All the rest is free time so you can go for a walk, watch the eagles, or just hang out with the other campers in the cabins:

type camp cabins

We combine learning with living.


Register for Type Camp Galiano 3-8 August 2008.

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And, if you’ve attended Type Camp, or you haven’t been and have questions, then ask away in the comments below, and someone who knows will answer. Be sure to check out the other Type Camp photos.

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