Sunday Type: Spaced-out Type

The Art of S PAC ING

Regular readers may well remember the lovely 1940s-style brush script, Kinescope, from the talented Mark Simonson. Mark’s latest offering is Filmotype Glenlake, a digital revival of a classic Filmotype font from the Fifties. And if you have no idea what Filmotype is, then head on over to the Filmotype page.


And here’s a little taster of Filmotype Glenlake:

Filmotype Glenlake

FontShop has not long released its list of top ten types of 2007. Among them is of course FF Meta Serif, Stefan Hattenbach’s Anziano that I mentioned last week, and this absolutely beautiful didone from Jean François; she’s called Ambroise:



I’m not going to dwell on this next item. I don’t have an iPhone, so it pains me to talk about them. Anyway, Veer has produced some lovely iPhone wallpapers; among them are a few type-themed ones, with Candy Script by Alejandro Paul used on the left, and I’m sure you can guess which type is used for the wallpaper on the right:

veer iphone wallpaper

iLT iPhone wallpapers coming soon. If you’d like to make your own, then why not submit them here (320px × 480px)

Zoo type

Maybe you’ve already seen the book Bembo Zoo, but have you seen the web site; same principal as the book; pretty clever, I think. Just click the letters and enjoy.


Some nice type treatments here from Kollega:


And on a lighter note

The following book cover is not the the marriage of PhotoShop and the typographically challenged comedian, but is the real deal. And of all the people in the world to find it, Jonathan Hoefler of H&FJ did. Priceless:


Gemma over at For the Love of Type photographed this in her local book store. Spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake:


If you come across similar crimes against type, then be sure to send them in—so long as they’re not examples of my own typos ;)

Dan Reynolds needs you

Dear iLT readers, Johno has asked that I appeal directly for your aid. This year, I’m researching Indian newspapers, which typefaces are used, and how these work in print. Fellow students are conducting similar research: I’m just looking at Hindi newspapers (not other languages that use Devanagari), while a colleague is looking at Telugu newspapers. Other students are looking into Tamil, Gurmukhi, Oriya, and Malayalam, but not for newspapers. Perhaps this explains things a little better.

Links to newspaper websites are not what we are looking for—a website uses fonts installed on the reader’s browser. PDFs of newspapers are a good second-best… at least here correct fonts are displayed. If any of you out there are from India or happen to fervently collect daily Indian newspapers, do drop me a line at d.j.a.reynolds [you know what comes here] Thanks!

Coming soon…

This one I’m very excited about: Alec Julien, the author of the popular So you want to create a font series, has made iLT’s first ever video tutorial. More about that next week. Next up is an article by type designer (and creator of Feijoa) Kris Sowersby; and then an interview with Jean François Porchez, type designer, former president of ATypi, and founder of the Porchez Foundry.

And finally

A big merci to Jean-Baptiste Levée for the Ambroise header. Here are a my font-picks for this week (Anaheim Script and Leitura Display):



…and it’s Sunday, so don’t work too hard.


  1. Johno
    >…and it’s Sunday, so don’t work too hard.

    ;-) It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is…

    Thank you very much for posting this bit for me. I’ve already received a few e-mails. Hurray for iLT!

  2. Dan
    That’s great to hear. Hoping that they turn into newspapers.

  3. RogueJunkie

    Love the header John! And now I have to go find Bembo Zoo…so every time I check your Blog, I have to go spend some money (the wife says I should stop), but needless to say, you know how to keep me coming back for more: “Interview with Jean François Porchez”

  4. dandesigns

    hi! i just want you to know that i’m an avid reader of your articles. great stuff!

  5. Hey, I don’t know about you John, but I love Topography! Hehe. Nice find.

    I have to say, I love today’s header; the surrounding ornaments add a really nice touch.

    Oh, and if I could add to this at all, I’d definitely include Feltron Eight’s annual report. Some great typography (and statistics!) in there.

  6. Who wouldn’t know that the change in only one vowel will change the study of type to the study of an area ;-)

    I’m with Hamish: from all the header variations for iLT I like the today’s one the most - not crazy about the ornaments, but I love Ambroise (I would keep the original “y” at the end of “typography” though). I don’t think I’ve seen in any other type such exquisite “g”, “y” forms before, and the capital “K” shape reminds me the way “K” is drawn in many Russian scripts.

  7. Si

    My favorite typography/topography typo…

    “A mixed stranding of whales and dolphins could indicate they were being pursued by a predator, such as a killer whale. Health and typography could also be factors.”

  8. Wow I am also lovin’ that header. I’m also lovin’ Filmotype Glenlake, really tight and clean, and for $29 it’s almost a steal. I’m also looking forward to the Kris Sowersby interview, Good stuff! :)

    I Iove topography!

  9. My brother is studying cartography (officially, in a real school and everything) and I’m studying typography (unofficially, using books and online resources) so we have lots of discussions about topography and typography. Good times indeed for these two nerdy siblings! :)

    Also, the Bembo Zoo is going to provide hours of entertainment, I can just tell! My initial reaction was a long, slow, “Ooohhh…” And that’s a good reaction. I know you’ve talked a bit about introducing typography to kids — here would be a great way! Anyone with kids want to take it for a test run?

  10. RogueJunkie
    Yes, Jean-Baptiste has done a good job with the header.
    Please don’t tell you wife where I live!

    Thanks. Great to see you here.

    That would make a good header. I’m not sure of the ornaments come from Ambroise. I shall find out.
    That report reminds me of the work of a Japnese designer, though his name escapes me.

    Vivien (inspirationbit)
    This header is proving to be very popular. They are indeed exquisite; interesting what you say about that ‘k’!

    Classic. Reminds me of Typography Kills that I mentioned a while ago—had forgotten it until you mentioned the above.

    A steal indeed. And as Mark himself says it’s, “… a heck of a font.” I wonder if he’ll be adding some more weights?

    You’re right, it’s a great introduction for kids. Would also be an interesting experiment to use types other than Bembo. Interesting that your brother is studying cartography. I know they have some great stuff over at AceJet.

  11. Horray for the iPhone wallpapers! These will work on my iPod Touch as well. I’m kind of mad I have to sign up for it, but I’ll probably be buying from them soon enough anyway.

    I hope you had a good weekend, back to the grind now!

  12. The sadist in me wants a copy of that “Finer Points…” book.

    Oh, and I instantly recognized the look of the Borders’ shelf placard. I spend too much time there checking to see if they have any new design books and magazines.

  13. …and after checking, it seems to have received a better cover in more recent editions:


  14. Yep, side ornaments come from Ambroise too. Full character set here (middle column, bottom):

  15. Jean-Baptiste
    That’s great! I didn’t realize that. Out of curiosity, how would one access such a glyph in Photoshop, for example?

  16. They ship as separate “Alternates” PostScript fonts, so the glyphs are accessible via the keyboard. I don’t know about the latest CS3 version, but in mine there is no glyph palette.

  17. Ah, well that makes sense. Thanks.

    I don’t think there’s a glyphs palette in CS3, at least not that I’ve seen.

  18. Wow I really like that Ambroise. Did you use it for the header? Yet another good article. Keep it coming.

  19. Hamish
    Photoshop does not have a glyph palette. Which, is complete b**l s**t if you ask me, or any other typographer for that matter.

    Here is a quick video on how to get open type features or alternate glyphs into your Photoshop document.

    Now, with CS3 there is the open type panel, but you still can’t manually select a glyph.

    I do hope that for large format print you are rendering / setting your type in Illustrator anyway, but I do completely agree that Photoshop needs to have a glyph palette.

  20. Justin
    >The sadist in me wants a copy of that “Finer Points…” book.
    You’re not the only one.

    Yes, Ambroise is used for the header; designed by Jean-Baptiste Levée.

    The lack of a glyph palette is insane. Thanks for the link.
    > I do hope that for large format print you are rendering / setting your type in Illustrator anyway
    …or InDesign :)

  21. Johno
    Don’t you even start! Haha.

  22. Cody
    Forgot to mention MS Word and Powerpoint too ;)

  23. Haha.

    Thanks, that’s a great video. It’s really quite strange that Photoshop lacks a glyphs palette — though as you said, I would do most of my print work in Illustrator anyway.

    Of course if we’re talking raw typographical power here, then MS Paint takes the prize, hands down. :P

  24. Hamish
    Yes, it is a good video. Reminds me, Alec has made some cool videos! Will be posting about them soon.
    MS Paint. Sorry, can’t beat that. You win ;)

  25. I didn’t notice that header until now. It’s fantastic!

  26. I love Ambroise. The thick, the thin, such drama! Beautiful!

    What’s wrong with InDesign? :( I love ID! Been using Illy a lot lately for large graphics, but finding some it very frustrating. Why does it have to handle things so differently than Photoshop?! Grr. Thanks for that link, Cody. Very helpful. I just discovered the font they use— Bickham Script Pro— a few days ago (in fact, it’s the one I tested for my blog redesign!). I like how many stylistic variations it has!

    Bembo Zoo. Too cool. I like how the website shows the process of forming the animals. Gonna add the book to my Amazon wishlist (though at $60 average selling price, not sure if I’ll get it). No one will be able to complain about not enough ideas for gifts for me this year with all these books you keep showing us, John!

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