Workshop: Typeface Design for Non-Type Designers

Back by popular demand!
Ever wanted to design your own typeface, but wondered where to start?
This weekend workshop is a fantastic opportunity to get started designing type. Go beyond choosing the same typefaces from the type menu to creating your own! In this two-day class, you’ll learn the basics of designing and generating a variable font with font-design software Glyphs (Mac only).

In the Saturday session, we will learn the basics of drawing a font, generate the font, and use it in an Adobe app or a web browser. In the afternoon, we’ll add additional letters to the font, learning how to space them, add diacritics and punctuation.

On Sunday, we’ll design a bold version of the same typeface, create a variable font — and animate in a web browser.

Course schedule
(classes take place from 9am to 5pm EST, New York time)

  • Day 1: Aug. 12, 2023
  • Day 2: Aug 13, 2023

Course materials and projects
All you need is a stable internet connection and a Mac. You’ll get a free trial version of Glyphs 3.

The course is open to a maximum 20 participants. This ensures that each student gets ample time for feedback.

How does it work?
The course is taught by Matteo Bologna and Rainer Scheichelbauer. The workshop will take place over Zoom from 9 am to 5 pm EST, with a one-hour lunch break. A day or two before the first session, we’ll email you a zoom link.

Fees and registration
The course is £350 + 20% VAT (if applicable) and is non-refundable. Participants are exempt of VAT if registering as an EU business. To register, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Your instructors

Rainer Scheichelbauer

Rainer was born in Vienna, and studied photography, philosophy and Dutch. Today, he creates and produces typefaces, teaches type design, gives type design workshops, translates Dutch books on typography into German, and writes articles and Python scripts. Rainer joined the Glyphs team in 2012, and has been writing tutorials and the Glyphs app handbook. He is also a co-founder of Schriftlabor font foundry in Vienna.

Matteo Bologna

Matteo is the founder and creative director of branding studio Mucca. He’s a singular personality and industry leader whose multidisciplinary background helped him build one of the most respected companies in design. His focused yet fun-loving approach has earned him strong client partnerships with countless firms, including Sephora, Barnes & Noble, Target, WeWork, Whole Foods, the legendary Balthazar in NY, and many others.


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