Every client project brings with it new challenges and demands a variety of skillsets and experiences. Expand your team’s areas of excellence and book a consulting session with one of our award-winning instructors! They bring expert-level experience to the job, so that you can confidently deliver your best.

portrait of Dr Nadine Chahine. Three-quarter view, closed mouth, smile, dark hair.
Dr. Nadine Chahine

Specializing in:
• Arabic type design
• Arabic typography
• Arabic + Latin harmonization
• Legibility research

Ulrike Rausch

Specializing in:
• Latin script & handwriting fonts
• Complex OpenType features
• Handwritten/script logos
• Color & variable fonts

Irene Vlachou

Specializing in:
• Greek type design
• Greek typography
• Greek + Latin harmonization
• Polytonic Greek

Rainer Scheichelbauer

Specializing in:
• Font Production
• Font Technology
• PS/TTF Hinting
• Glyphs everything!

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If you’re a foundry or design agency looking to consult with a font expert, then you’ve arrived at the right place! Some of the most celebrated, best and brightest in the industry are ready to help you deliver the best work to your clients.

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