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the week in type — Zócalo

Fast closing in on 2009. I can’t believe it. What happened to 2008? The very lucky winner of the Seb Lester poster is mentioned toward the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who entered. This week’s the week in type is a big one, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably. Enjoy.

A beautiful new letterpress poster from Cameron Moll. I’ve ordered one:



There are two options, signed and unsigned. Can’t wait to receive mine. If you want one, hurry. I’m pretty sure they’ll soon be sold out soon. You can see more photos of the project over at Veer.

Some wonderful luggage labels, and some lovely custom type:

the art of the luggage label

I’m a little late to the game in mentioning these but, just in case you missed them, here are Type Trumps from Face37:

type trumps

Would make a fine Christmas present (that’s not a hint).

Some nice posters from the One Ton Show, held earlier this month in Shoreditch, UK:

one ton show

A neater way to look at your RSS feeds. A skin of sorts for Google reader, Helvetireader:


Had meant to mention this one least week. Here is Antonio Carusone’s (AisleOne) wonderful new grids resource, the Grid System:

the grid system

Big type, nice tee (not sure if it’s actually for sale):


Some nice numbers from Andrew Byrom:


New fonts

Lots of new typefaces this week. Let’s start with Zócalo Display from Font Bureau. Designed by Cyrus Highsmith:

zocala display from font bureau

Young Blood from Jeremy Dooley’s Insigne foundry:

young blood

PDF specimen here.

Diane Script just released by Mark Simonson, and available at Font Haus:

diane script

You can read more about the development and inspiration for this gorgeous script here.

Back in August I interviewed Nikola Djurek of Typonine, and the designer behind the lovely Amalia. He’s just released another great text face, Marlene:

marlene a new text face from typonine

Be sure to take a look at the Marlene PDF specimen.

Geogrotesque, a sans family in seven weights from Emtype:


And the exceptional looking FF Mister K, designed by Julia Sysmäläinen:

ff mister k

Yesterday I received my copy of the TDC’s Typography #29. The cover is brilliant and the contents more so. This is definitely my pick of the month. A must have.

Really like this cover for Acido Surtido, designed by Marian Bantjes:

marian bantjes

MyFonts has finally redesigned its site. Still in beta, but approximately 7 million times better than the old site, which was a hideous eyesore. The new site looks much, much better, and comes with lots of new features, and is generally so much nicer to use. Congrat’s to MyFonts. Oh, and the new logo is nice too:

new myfonts web site

Typesites has a great review by Joey Pfeifer of Wilson Miner’s Joseph Müller-Brockmann-inspired new Web site:

wilson miner

A slightly bizarre, but nonetheless interesting ‘type’ treatment:

game katemclaren

Thanks, Jason.

And if you think that’s strange, then how about Amitis Pahlevan’s ‘typeface’ constructed from fake eyelashes. I love it:

eyelash typeface

Some exquisite wood alphabet blocks:


Free font

Toypography from Jack Usine is really fun. Architectural shadows and shapes as type:



I there’s one event I’d just love to go to, it’s the Typophile Film Fest. Entries for Film Fest 5 are open until Friday, March 13, 2009.

typophile film fest 5

For more details, see Typophile.

Type links

Eco fonts save your ink
Importing text — Ilene Strizver
Typography inspiration showcase — thanks, Peter
MA/PgDip Typography at Salford Uni — thanks, Vlad
Paper-cut illustrations by Yulia Brodskaya
Houston Chronicle redesign
Typographic Gifts for Designers, Part 14


Psycho Typo Graph:

Thanks, Yuki.

A wonderful introductionn to Arabic typography. Audio and slides, narrated by Titus Nemeth, a former Reading student:

Many more hosted on River Valley TV. Definitely worth clicking through to.

Some great spreads from SEED magazine:

seed magazine

Fantastic Flickr set from Berlin Type:

berlin type

Note how the umlaut sits inside the ‘o’ in the word “Böttger”.

FontShuffle is a free iPhone app from FontShop. Personally, I can’t understand the point, but perhaps I’m being a little harsh. Others have said they find it very useful. Feedback, please.

fontshuffle for iPhone

However, I do think there’s a lot of potential for this kind of app. Just needs a little more work, and a larger library of type.

Nice and simple cover for Mark Boulton’s upcoming title, A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web (detail shown):

mark boulton

And nice to see Joshua Darden’s Jubilat on the cover. Love it. You can even download a free sample chapter.

Like these numbered stools over at Design Sponge:


Though not sure where they come from.

This week’s type is …

Mason from the immensely talented Jonathan Barnbrook.


As used rather nicely here:

mason in use


Some great news on the plugin front. Hamish, author of the typogrify plugin for WordPress and Jeff King of the recent WP-hyphenate plugin have decided to collaborate on a single plugin that does it all. Can’t wait to see that.

And the winner is …

Almost 150 entries to the Seb Lester competition. Of those I received about 30 correct entries. The question was, How many stylistic sets are there in the OpenType version of Soho Gothic? Many answered the number of weights and/or styles, but there are, in fact, 5 stylistic sets:

Stylistic Set 1: Semi-slab letterforms in upper- and lowercase
Stylistic Set 2: Simplified forms for lowercase a, u & y
Stylistic Set 3: Simplified forms for lowercase u & y only
Stylistic Set 4: Semi-slab letterforms in the lowercase only
Stylistic Set 5: Semi-slab letterforms in the lowercase i & l only

The answer can be found in the Soho Gothic PDF specimen.
The randomly selected winner from the pool of correct entries is Florian Hardwig. Congratulations, Florian.

A couple of new desktop wallpapers.

the beauty of type, typography wallpaper set in Feel Script

More iLT desktop wallpapers here. There are also some great iPhone wallpapers over at Poolga:


I’ve added a small new feature to the comments. If you register with iLT, and complete the extra fields, then other readers can visit your Flickr [FL], Twitter [TW], and FaceBook [FB] pages. It’s also pretty useful for me in getting to know you better.

socialising ilt

You can signup here if you want.

Hope that’s enough to keep you going. Enjoy the rest of the week; and a big thank you to those who regularly send in links of interest. Keep them coming.


  1. Your “Week in type” articles become huge, John! Where do you get all these news from? Thanks a lot for sharing with us.
    Btw., Berlin Types is type designer Henning Krause. He owns an incredible collection of specimen.

  2. Ivo
    Good to see you. I only include about a third of the material I collect. I don’t have the time or space to include the remainder.
    Yes, I know about Henning. Would be nice to interview him on iLT some day. Thanks for the additional link.

  3. This is a one monstrous week in type! Would like to get my hands on those Type Trumps cards even though I didn’t really understand how the game works.

    I highly recommend to anyone getting the Cameron Moll’s poster. I got the previous one and it’s gorgeous. From what I’ve seen the 2 edition seems to be much prettier!


  4. It seems almost redundant to say that this was a great post as they’re all great posts around these parts.. but, great post!

    Thank-you johno :)

    The ‘GAME’ illustration is surprisingly delicate given the way it was put together, with so many elements, isn’t it?

    And the Arabic type stuff is really fantastic, I’m enjoying it now. Given my background (hence the last name no-one pronounces correctly), Arabic type is something special for me.. Only thing higher than the beauty of Arabic typography, in my books, is slab-serif fonts.. but only just ;)

    Thanks for a great year of typography Johno, enjoy your holidays!

  5. Holy crap! This is quite the post, Johno. I skimmed through it pretty quickly… will have to set aside a good hour to go through all of it. :)

    Thanks for the mention, by the way.

  6. Great post!

    Thanks you John for picking my Akimoto again. Or was it serendipity ;)

  7. Hi John,

    Nice idea with the subscription. I’m sure you’ve got some more plans for it down the line, which I’m looking forward to.

    I hope all’s well.

  8. John, this post huge! thanks. I installed the fontshop iPhone app recently and found myself playing with it more than I imagined. The idea for registration is fabulous, I also noticed small typographic changes in the comment areas, looks great. Happy holidays!

  9. ReggR

    You should rename this feature ‘Monster Type’. Another great one. Looking forward to another type-filled year courtesy of ILT. Thanks Johno.

  10. Had to test out the new comments… Love the long posts with a flood about typographic happenings, this one didn’t disappoint. The Berlin Type photo-stream was great, love seeing that kind of stuff.

  11. What a great and massive post. Haven’t read it all but I will soon once I have a few hours spare. On first glance I love the Type Trumps (hadn’t seen them before).

    Been using Helvitireader for awhile now. It got released back in late November by Jon Hicks and is a great little reader. Nice and clean.

  12. I wish I could spare $75; those letterpress poster are the best I’ve seen in a LONG time. Thanks Johno! Now it’s time to go rob someone…

  13. Another awesome post Johno! You made my week once again!
    I for sure loved the typography inspiration showcase.
    O, and I loved the eyelash type!
    Happy Holidays to you! God bless you!

  14. Yay! Thanks for linking up my poster, John.

    I’m always amazed by the sheer amount of great type stuff you find. Great post.

  15. Really great stuff this week! The new MyFonts website is really great, I been waiting for them to update it. Geogrotesque is a really nice typeface. I too am a little bit confused with the FontFont iphone app seems like you should be able to do so much more with it. Thanks for another great post John, good stuff!

  16. Rafael Alves

    Does anyone knows which typeface Seed Magazine uses for its headlines?

    ps: This site is really good.

  17. Wow the first image is amazing!

  18. David
    Yes, I do have something more planned, though just figuring out the details.

    If you mean this one, then it looks like FF Magda Clean.

  19. Those stools are from Ikea and I assume have just been stenciled, etc.

  20. donina
    Thanks for the link!

  21. Rafael Alves

    I mean this one.

    thank you for the help anyway.

  22. Rafael
    Not sure, but it looks something like T26’s 45 Degrees Ultra Light.

  23. hi johno, thanks again for a great week in type!

  24. This is great, a fabulous way to kick off the holidays, which are almost here.

  25. Nice Inspiration! Thanks! Those Typo-Shirts look awesome =P

  26. Good to see that at long least in My Fonts they have decided to improve their lousy design.

  27. Andrew

    Hey John, you might want to add a link to the supplier of the Alphabet Blocks as well, giving them recognition.


  28. Those alphabet blocks are stunning, just ordered myself a set. Absolute deal.

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