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Cloths of heaven

Cloths of Heaven is Seb Lester’s interpretation of ‘Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’, a poem by the renowned Irish poet W. B. Yeats. It is a continuation of his exploration of the theme of beauty in the context of letterform design. He has produced a limited edition screen print and also collaborated with […]

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The Voice of all the Gods

Today I’ve released two limited edition prints along with some originals. The prints are based on words penned by William Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas.

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Heaven Devoid of Stars

The Week in Type More than half a millennium has passed since the invention of moveable type in Europe. It’s now just about impossible to imagine a world without it. That very sentiment is set in ink in this new print collaboration with Stefan Hattenbach. A sumptuous screen-print of gold, white, and black inks on […]

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I am proud to present a new limited edition print released today entitled ‘Peace‘. It is available in two colourways. A classic metallic gold on black and a contemporary dark chrome on white. I would like to offer a little insight into the design.

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‘Dreams’, ‘Stars’ & ‘So Much To Do’

3 new limited edition prints by Seb Lester I released three new limited edition prints today, ‘Dreams’, ‘Stars’, and ‘So Much To Do’. I’ll show all three prints in this article, but for practical purposes I’ll focus primarily on ‘Dreams’, one of my most ambitious prints to date. What follows is an outline of what […]

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A new limited edition print by Seb Lester I’m proud to present ‘Blazing’, my new limited edition print. This piece is released exclusively through POW who sell the work of some extremely talented and well known artists including Banksy and Antony Micallef. For anyone who might be interested I thought I’d offer a little background […]

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Sex, lies, & type

The Week in Type Welcome to a slightly later than usual week in type. Lots happening in the world of web fonts — links to the best content below. There’s also free stuff, so don’t click away.

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