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Sunday Type: incubator type

Coffee Hot, Tea Cold

Who says House don’t make metal type. This looks like metal to me; though larger than your average type, and weighing in at 8kg. I love it. Unfortunately it’s sold out! [Have since heard from the Houses’s mouth that the Cast Iron Ampersands, pictured, are now available]. There are, however, a number of  cast aluminium ones left. But I want need this one:

house metal ampersand

And one of the best type tees I’ve ever seen:


Also from House Industries, of course.

New Type

Looks like Jos Buivenga is on a roll. Hot on the heels of  Museo and an extended Anivers, he’s released an updated version of his very popular Fertigo. Fertigo Pro includes wider language support, redrawn glyps, and a number of ornaments, in addition to some major tweaking on the metrics and kerning front; and, on top of all that it costs…nothing. Download, use, enjoy.

font: fertigo pro

Congratulations to the two classes of 2008 from both Reading and the Hague. I received a great poster showcasing the types created by students on the Type and Media course (nightmare to find anything on the site, unfortunately). Thanks Mathieu for the great poster. I’ll post some scans of it soon. And you can take a peek at Dan Reynolds’ (ReadingMartel. More details to come soon.

Will you be at TypeCon 2008? So who would like to report on the event for iLT? Send me a mail if you’d like to do so.

typecon 2008

TypeCon begins today! The full program schedule is here, and details of workshops here. Wish they had some live streaming video events or podcasts. I shall definitely try to get along next year.

Wonderful ‘poster’ from talented illustrator and graphic designer, Frank Chimero:

beverage manifesto

And just one more of Frank’s pieces:

Advice to Sink in Slowly

Be sure to check out his other work on Flickr and on his web site makemakemake.org.

I’d love to have a poster of this design from Tim Fishlock:

tim fishlock

Via the brilliant It’s Nice That.

A nice wallpaper to adorn your desktop:

vladstudio desktop wallpaper

Thanks for the link, kristarella on twitter. And, though this has been done a lot before, this one by Jenny Beorkrem is just perfect:

Los Angeles typographic poster

 Jose Rodriguez’s Type Is Art is a wonderful little project I found through a piece in the Buffalo News:

type is art

Make your own art with parts of letterforms. Each element is show at the bottom (e.g. shoulder, tail, bar, ascender, et. al.), and can be dragged, scaled and rotated on your typographic canvas. Enjoy.

I’ve mentioned the work of Craig Ward several times before, but somehow missed this gem, found via Designer Daily:

omnivore delight by Craig Ward

Some good lettering from Andrew DeGraff:

andrew degraff lettering

Via designformankind.com.

Sunday Links

Workarounds for Win ATM (and MMs) on Vista

BBC and the grid

A Brief History of Avant Garde

35+ iconic logo designers

Typography is Sexy

Magazine Inspiration—Veerle

Quark for InDesign users—part one; part two

Typesites’ review of Monocle

H&FJ—the smallest type in the world

Mark Simonson on TypeCon

What does a type designer’s handwriting say about his or her type? In my opinion, absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see:

handwriting of kris sowersby

I’m no type designer, but here’s a sample of my handwriting:

johno handwriting sample

Why don’t you show me yours (send to jboardley@gmail.com). Thanks Andy & Miguel.

A nice signage Flickr set. particularly like this weathered script:

© Daniel Sesma

Like this photo from Kris Johnson:

explore by Kris Johnson

The Typophile annual t-shirt design ‘battle’ was a particularly good one this year, and I’m a big fan of the winning entry from Rajpurohit from Ahmedabad, India:

typophile t-shirt

The Incubator from the Village type foundry looks like a great idea. They’ll be showcasing (and selling, of course) work by new and talented type designers. Its launch marks Village’s three-year anniversary. Happy birthday to everyone at Village.

Love these sketches for Michael Doret’s wonderful Metroscript. Be sure to take a look at the MyFonts In Your Face newsletter.

metroscript sketch

Today’s Type

FP Dancer Pro, a sans serif with some real character—by Danish designer Morten Olsen:

fp dancer fonts

Love the black weight “X”:

fp dancer pro black

Today’s masthead is set in FP Dancer Pro light and bold.

Coming Up

iLT’s first birthday is fast approaching (August 7th). If you have any ideas as to how we might celebrate it (or rather celebrate type), then let me know. An article on Letterpress is coming up, and that interview with the designer of one of my recent favourite serifs. Apologies that this week’s Sunday Type was (even) later than usual. Thanks for reading. See you all again midweek.


  1. God, I’m such an ass but you have two typos. Fertigo is missing a ‘t’ in one spelling and celebrate is missing an ‘e’ in another. Don’t hate the spelling ass.

    Aside my own neurosis thanks for putting together such a great round-up.

  2. Chris
    Not an ass at all. I really appreciate it when readers pick up on typos and let me know. Now fixed. Thanks very much.

  3. oh, I really like your new styling of the comments form, nicely done. Will you be keeping the same style for the images?

    You’ve got a pretty legible handwriting. Thanks for featuring it here. I see you like your “t”s, and the curves of your capital N and R are pretty sleek too :)

    Some pretty impressive type examples today (as usual). Off to downloading Jos Buivenga’s Fertigo Pro. Thank you, Jos.

  4. inspirationbit
    Thanks, Vivien. Yes, I think I will keep the formatting for the images (back to normal for the next article). I still have lots of minor things to do; and the footer, of course!

  5. That Cast Iron Ampersand is superb. Also great other items from housind, thanks for sharing (+ gives me an ideas).

    Congrats to Jos for the release of Fertigo Pro! Gefeliciteerd.

    And Love those type & signage photos, thanks and have a great week. (and get well soon)

  6. Another lovely Sunday Type!

    johno, thanks for paying generous attention to Fertigo Pro.

    Thank you inspirationbit & Sander.

  7. I’m also really liking your tweaks to the comment form (and comments). With your images back to normal in the next post they’ll tie very well together.

    Thanks very much to Jos for offering the free type downloads, and thanks to you, Johno, for mentioning my new logo designers website.

  8. Me likes all the beautiful typestuff on this site very much, it’s like the typophile’s version of Smashingmagazine.com. >:3~

  9. Lot’s of interesting stuff this week really the rusty &, i already had seen the aluminum one somewhere but that one is perfect, and the black “X” thats beautiful two.

    I’m really interested on that post with work of student’s from the hague since I’ll try to enter 2010 class. Oh, and I’ll also send you my handwriting as soon as i get my scanner to work.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S.: Hope you’re feeling better!

  10. Thanks for the link! But my last name is Reynolds, not Williams :(

  11. Thank you so much for posting my flickr photos, specially because some of this signages (dated from 1920s) will disappear next month (not a joke).

    Segovia (Spain) is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site; unfortunately this vernacular signages has never be considered cultural heritage here. Because of that, I’m working as a «archeographist» on my own town.

    Thanks for ilt every week!

  12. Oh, that ampersand t-shirt is awesome. What’s the typeface on that?

    And that type-plate is making me hungry, hehe; Craig Ward has got some sweet designs.

    Your handwriting is great, and I really liked the article on the handwriting of type designers — though mine isn’t something I like to show off too often, it’s mostly illegible. Heh.

    Looking forward to upcoming articles, and of course, iLT’s birthday. :)

  13. Your handwriting is awesome!

  14. Sander
    Look forward to hearing about (or seeing the results of) those ideas.


    Thanks for the generous comparison.

    Thanks. Hope you get accepted on the course—would be wonderful.

    I should post a photo here of me hanging my head in shame. Now corrected. Now back to my course of self-flagellation.

    My pleasure. You’re doing a great thing there. “Archeographist”—like it.

    I was going to ask if anyone could name that ampersand. Anyone? By all means, send your handwriting sample anyway.

    Thanks. Now show me yours :)

  15. Johno
    No need, no need… I myself make typing errors on and offline all the time ;-)

  16. I’ve been reading for a while, but never commented. I just wanted to say I thanks for running such a fantastic blog. I’ve learned so much and found so much from here. So, thanks!

  17. Please esxcuse the “I” in the second sentence there!

  18. Gee, and that “s” that just snuck into “excuse.”

  19. Super great items Johno! I’m glad I had a chance to read this time around.

    I’d be interested to see everyone’s handwriting and what do you think it means when you have more than one handwriting style? I suffer from that.

  20. Hi John! Long time no talk… Creative Curio’s one year birthday is coming up on August 1st! Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been a year. I have no idea what I’ll do to celebrate. I just don’t have time to coordinate anything like a big giveaway. I can’t believe you have almost 20k subscribers in less than a year. That’s fantastic!!

    I love your handwriting, John. It has so much character (excuse the pun). Is that really how you write all the time or were you trying to be extra neat? I compared it to the signed copy I received from you of 700 Penguins and it looks even better in person ;)

    And guess what!! I’ve started my letterpress class! Don’t know if I like it or not yet (haven’t worked on the presses), but we get to do one card project to keep. I think I’m going to do a thank you card because it’s something I can use often. I’m excited to get going on the presses. I’ve started cleaning up a Vandercook SP15, but I’m afraid of all the rust it has :(

  21. Johno


    Your letterpress class sounds interesting. I hope you’ll show us the results of your card project. :)

  22. great sunday type! I look forward to this every week. Thanks for including my Typography is sexy post too! Keep up the amazing work - great eye.

  23. Little late to the party, but I’m quite anxious for the letterpress post. Can’t wait!

    Keep up the great work Johno, excellent additions to the iLT site theme as well.

  24. Oh, ok, David! It actually hadn’t occurred to me to share the card on my blog, but duh, that’s a great idea!!

    Kyle, were you talking about me and my class? Or did I miss something in the article? I love letterpress projects, now to see if I actually like producing them! I can see myself loving it (the evolution of a project and actually producing it myself) and I can see myself hating it (tedious work fraught with mechanical problems)…

    And John, thanks for including my articles on Quark for InDesign Users. I didn’t even notice until just now *blush*

  25. Michał

    Hey, this funky x looks like chromosome!
    And I love coffee/tea poster!

  26. Another amazing Sunday Type. First things first, that ampersand t-shirt is very cool I just bought it yesterday. Jos Buivenga keep up the amazing work, Fertigo Pro is very nice. I plan on sending you my hand writing John, I’m curious to see everyone else’s.

  27. That Iron Ampersand is stunning and never seen before. I love those tees.

  28. Hi Johno. I love the Sunday type. With so much nice type used, is it possible to point out which typefaces were used in each piece?

    Keep up the good work?

  29. jalmarjalla

    Thanks for the add. Love your site. Just wanted to mention a few cool things from the “hidden manual” of Type is Art:

    You can hold down the Space key and use the arrow keys to move all forms at the same time. Option and Command keys + arrow keys lets you move/rotate individual forms as well.

  30. Matt
    No problem. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

    So nice to see you here again. Hope that all is well. Working on any more gorgeous spreads?

    That’s my handwriting at normal speed. If I’m taking notes, however, then it’s pretty illegible. I’ll scan a page from my Moleskine and post to Flickr.

    Be sure to send me a photo of you wearing it!

    Yes, it is great. I’m thinking of buying one myself. The shipping to Japan is pretty reasonable considering its weight.

    I mention some; though to list every type would be quite a task. If there are type you’d like identified, then by all means ask.

    I was thinking that would be a useful feature. Thanks for mentioning. It’s a great app.

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