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The last five months have been pretty intense. Creating a 164-page magazine from scratch is an enormous project and, looking back, I’m happy that I was naïve enough to think it could be done. Along with Carolyn Wood and Working Format we think we’ve created something very special indeed.

I’d also like to thank MailChimp for their generous support. Now that the first issue of Codex magazine is on its way to the printer, I can take a breather (a few days until work resumes on issue #2), and list here some of the type-related things that have been catching my eye. Yes, it has been a while, but here is the week — perhaps the month — in type.

I already have too many pictures and posters, but couldn’t resist buying this one (the one on the right):

fontface from atipo on Vimeo.

Available from atipo in Spain. And I almost forgot to mention that I’ve convinced atipo to give one away to an ILT reader. Just tell us why you want or need the poster and we’ll select a lucky winner. I will announce the winner on Monday via twitter.

FixText, a very clever jQuery plugin for resizing web type on the fly:

Nice use of Font Bureau’s Giza and Griffith Gothic in Pentagram’s work for the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Hard to beat fat Egyptian numerals when they’re displayed at these sizes:

Great to see Nadine Chahine’s custom type (Gebran2005) in the redesign of An-Nahar, Lebanon’s leading daily newspaper (left: before; right: after):

Great new site from Able Parris. I’m a big fan of his collages:

Long overdue, but looking great, and so much easier to navigate: the new FontFont site.

A brief history of title design:

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Two great Type Camps coming up. One in California Wine Country (12–17 June 2011); the other held at the Bauhaus campus in Weimar! (30 July –4 August 2011). Places limited, so hurry.

Last chance to sign up for the Legacy of Letters tour. Eight days in Italy; eights days of type. You have until May 20th:

Great to see type designers embracing dribble. Among them, French type design legend, Jean François Porchez:

Wish dribble had twitter-like lists or groups, so that I could share such a list with others. [hint, hint]

Some beauties in these excerpts from Sanborn fire-insurance maps (wasn’t aware such things existed). Love this title-page:

Plenty more over at BibliOdyssey.

3D text using only CSS:

This looks fantastic. Yes, I know, it’s not about typography, but imagine the possibilities. Moving, animated, or so-called kinetic typography. Can’t wait to see it released. Animatable:

A first look at Animatable from Andy Clarke on Vimeo.

Oliver Reichenstein asks ‘Business Class: Freemium for News?’ I’m wondering if there is a more appropriate analogy — something more analogous — but the concept is inspired.

The Wood Type Kickstarter project has almost met its funding goal:

Show your support over at Kickstarter. You can also download Fatboy (a beta version of a wood type revival) for free. How could you not download a free font called Fatboy.

A new type specimen book from Jean-Baptiste Levée. 569 pages. 1.7 kg:

New fonts

One of the latest additions to my own type library is Christian Schwartz’s Neue Haas Grotesk:

Great range of weights. Particularly like the idea of the additional three weights drawn specifically for texts.

A new and very accomplished humanist sans serif from H&FJ. Meet Ideal Sans:

I have no idea if this will be available as a webfont when H&FJ launches its service, but I reckon it would prove very popular.

Igor Labudovic’s charming three-weight stencil type, Brilliant:

Typonine Glagolitic, free to download from Typonine, in exchange for your email address. More information about the font in Aegir’s 2008 article.

Read list

My Column on Columns — Khoi Vinh
The State of Webfont Quality — Ross Mills
The library of the future — Marie McPartlin
The type maker’s view of web fonts: An interview with Tim Ahrens
Fontsmith joins Fontdeck
Is There a New Leading Man in Hollywood? — Paul Shaw
Design Education, Part II: Gerry Leonidas
And what of art direction? — Richard Ziade

And, finally, I think this little company needs to work on their branding/typography/lettering/spelling:

I guess there are many lessons in this: from pay a professional to don’t sign-write your van while drunk.

Part of the great Folk Typography Flickr pool, a selection of the weird, but sometimes wonderful.

Have a great week. And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Codex! 166 pages of type heaven.


  1. I kind of miss the regularity of the ‘Week in Type’, but as long as you work on other type stuff for us, it seems okay ;)

  2. Awesome post, can’t wait to get my copy of the Codex – any idea how long it’ll take to arrive to consumers once it’s away from the printers??

    I’d absolutely love one of those posters, I’ve been looking for something to put in the studio above my desk because everything is looking a little bare and I’ve been looking at that fontface stuff so much it’s not even funny.

  3. Thrilled to see the week in type back, and very much looking forward to the first issue of Codex.

    The fontface posters are fantastic! I would love to add one to my slowly growing collection of type-centric posters.

  4. Matthew

    Can’t wait for Codex. Pre-ordered when I got the announcement email. Post better not bend it or there’ll be hell to pay!

    I’d love one of those posters! I could put it in my dank, musty garage so I’d have something pretty to look at while dying from lead poisoning (funnily enough, to be acquired while cleaning off 30+ trays of somewhat oxidized Caslon and (Craw) Clarendon…among others).


  5. I put in a pre-order for Codex the day they opened up and forwarded the ordering link to the design department head at my school. He never forwarded it on to everyone, though.

    And I’d love one of those posters, but I’m a poor student who can never afford these beautiful pieces of work that become relics of my formative years as a designer. That’s the reason I ordered Codex, because rarely do we get a chance to get in on the ground floor of something that will become an icon of its era in the design world.

  6. Blue

    It’s been a few years now since I first discover Ilovetypography.com! And I was super excited when I got the email for Codex pre-order. Can’t wait to hold it and smell it!!

    I LOVE THE POSTERS!!! Why I need them? Because I can’t live without one now and it’s your fault! *hehehe* Type+Face is perfect! Love them!!!

  7. Those posters are exquisite. I have a huge space on my wall that is just BEGGING to be filled up by one of those posters. It’ll go nice with the black chair right next to the space. I love the roundups you put together here. Definitely going to look into FitText for my next multi platform web project.

  8. Michael

    I can’t wait for my copy of Codex to arrive! I wish it would hurry up so I could have it in my hot little hands sooner, and I am very glad that you decided to take on the massive task.

    Also I NEED one of those posters! I face fonts every day, sometimes they’re a little too much to face, but if I had a font face poster on my wall then that would certainly be a font I’d be happy to face.

  9. That Clarendon poster is awesome! I mean, pretty girl + beautiful typeface = something I really need on my wall. Now.

  10. Fabulous! a very good mater pieces.. gonna get it!

  11. wow i love the posters! it reminds me of the old film The Pillowbook. The marriage of types on human body is beautiful… and the possibilities, endless.

  12. I want that poster! Why? Because… I. Love. Typography. (deeply).

  13. Renaud

    Those posters are lovely. Especially Clarendon and Carousel. If I get a chance to win one for free that’s cool ^-^ There is no way I can afford one for now :/


  14. Something for your next article (and for all the wonderful commenters to read with glee in the meantime): Adobe’s CSS Regions proposal is getting a bit closer to an implementable reality. The idea is being able to flow text in custom defined regions, rather than just blocks… so you can have much more print-like control over the flow relative to imagery, etc. Very neat.

  15. Great posters! I love typography and Jean-Baptiste Levée is so nice…

  16. Since beginning to get more and more into graphic/web design about 3 years ago, I’ve taken a whole new love to typography. I have always had a mindful eye for great UI/UX and interfaces in general, but fonts are now more of a focus in my life. I pre-ordered Codex and even ordered an extra copy for a graphic designer who’s helping me with some personal logo work gratis.

    I’d really enjoy having one of the fontface posters from atipo to display in my office at work. I’m one of the few people in my department that truly appreciates great design and I’m hoping the poster will help spark more discussion with others and help to promote better focus on design and typography in our organization.

    Thanks for the chance and for the great resources you share and maintain. Can’t wait to open up Codex Issue 1.

  17. also, since you highlighted my new fav. design community, shameless request to any other ‘commenters’ that have any dribbble Player invites…

    I’m currently a Prospect and would really enjoy being a full fledged member of that community if anyone has a draft they’d be willing to use on me. Username there is ledlow.

  18. CynicalKiddo

    I NEED the Clarendon Bold poster because my poor office walls need some love; it would be lovely.

  19. I need such a poster to cement my status as the nerdiest font nerd in all of Fairbanks, Alaska!

  20. Quiero un poster porque I love Typography y porque me parecen fantáticos todos esos posters!

    I want a poster because Me encanta la Tipografía and because I think all of them are fantastic!

  21. what a mind-bogglingly interesting array of snippets, videos, images you have on here… i have a lot of catching up to do! i would love to have one of those posters to inspire me with some “in-your-face” script/art as i work on my dissertation (on 17th-century handwriting copybooks). i think the ampersand is my favourite, and it’d look lovely next to my copy of ian kahn’s specially-commissioned “ampersand” broadside, which i laid my grubby paws on a couple of months ago! although the semi-colon/emoticon is also quite haunting, a la heath ledger’s joker, in a way. thank you for this giveaway opportunity, and for the excellent reading material generally!

  22. Great work! One of the most inspiring studios in Spain. Very proud of them.

  23. Bravo! My mail box awaits it ;-)

  24. Dan Santos

    Great post, as always. The insurance maps page is just astonishing.

    And I’d love to have the atipo poster, of course. I believe that with it I can finally make my friends realize that letters are beautiful. (or at least, that girls with letters on their faces are… hahah)

  25. Been missing the week(month) in type.

    Desperately been needing one of those altipo ‘typefaces’ just had this beast installed opposite my desk


    Not that the view of the pillar was fantastic before hand!

  26. AngelaR

    I would love to win that poster because it haunts me and I can’t stop thinking about it.

  27. can’t wait for my codex to come in the mail!

    i need the poster to spruce up my new desk! i start my first post-grad job on monday :)

  28. Ademix

    Something about that van….I actually quite like it.

  29. Really looking forward to Codex. I’m sure I’ll be up late consuming it (like my first night with an iPhone, even).

    I’d love a poster, because it would make me super le cuel. My twitter username is @kevin_coleman

  30. Liane

    Not sure if I’m too late, but… I’d love to win that poster because as a publishing & book design grad student, I need proof to my friends that typography IS cool and can be done in interesting, new and worthwhile ways. Thanks!
    twitter username: @notacentaur

  31. Adam

    Right, I’ve come back because I need the poster.

    I was about to have a 100” projector on the back wall of my flat, but I’ve been over-ruled by my fiancee, and now have a blank wall.

    Plus… it’d look great overlooking the copy of Codex that will grace my coffee table.

  32. Eric

    Cause it’d look good in the Texas Creative lab at UT Austin’s Ad dept. :)

  33. erik spiekermann

    I love that van!
    What’s wrong with a handyman who does PANTING for a living?
    Just call it art.

  34. I just spent 3 months living out of a box. Finally now the (semi-competent) builders have left and I can reclaim my house/studio but the walls are bare :(

  35. George

    Hi. Firth, sorry for putting this question up here. I am not a graphic designer but i have a old friend that used to make hand-painted-signs.

    He is kind the sick now and i would like to make a gift to him.
    I wonder, if is possible, to commission a typeset on his name. In other words what do i need to do? I think i still have a photo of him or one of his signs. Anyway, that about it. thanks.

    (Love your site)

  36. L

    I like the van, too :)

    BTW, I’m quite curious about the Han character “春” on the cover of Codex. Does it imply that Codex is seasonal publication since “春” means spring?

  37. You are just a genius!!! I love this place, just brilliant!!

  38. There’s something very interesting happening with that van from a smal business branding point of view.

  39. There is something very interesting happening with that van, from a small business branding point of view.

  40. johno

    L: Yes, Codex is published four times a year. The first, the debut issue is ‘spring.’ (Japanese: haru).

  41. socreative

    Gotta love typography!

  42. Sony M

    That Clarendon poster is awesome! Like typography! Awesome…………..!!!!!!!

  43. Another fantastic post from ILT - great work and I’ll be looking to get my hands on a copy of Codex just as soon as I can.

    I miss the regularity of ‘Week in Type’, as some others have said, but it’s great to see other projects sprouting up - great work!

  44. My printed copy just arrived in the mail! Thanks to all who put it together!
    It is still the best feeling in the world to see things come out in print! Christmas in June;-)

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