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Sunday Type: Frodo Type

Birthday Cupcakes

This week iLT is six months old. She’s doing quite well thanks to all of you: one million page views, almost 3,000 comments, and about 70 posts—though it feels like more. So if you have a spare minute, then pop a party popper, throw a streamer, crack open a bottle of Champagne, light a candle—that sort of thing.

Anyway, this is Sunday, so it’s time for Sunday Type. Let’s start with a type: Estilo Text from Dino dos Santos. I mention it for two reasons: one because it’s an expanded version of Estilo Script and Estilo and secondly because it’s on sale:


You may have already seen it; it’s not new, but I was trying to find it the other day, when coincidentally Romain sent me the link:

YouTube Preview Image

FontBook in a Movie

I received quite an impressive response to last week’s FontBook in a movie competition, inspired by Hamish’s Mel Gibson piece. This one is from Christian:


Apologies that I can’t mention them all, but here is a selection (click any of the images for an enlarged version). I was going to put little star rating gizmos below each entry, but gave up when I realised it would take me hours to do this within WordPress. So, by all means comment about the entries, and I’ll add my own opinion, and announce a winner next week some time.

The 10 CommandmentsThe GodfatherLord of the Rings
(a) Mischa(b) Vlad(c) Christian
CasablancaFontBook of OzBraveheart
(d) Alec(e) Gemma(f) Hamish
(g) Ian(h) Arild(i) George

And here’s another from RogueJunkie. Not surprisingly I received several sexually explicit ones; one was particularly ingenious, but not quite publishable. Thanks to everyone for their entries. It was great fun, and brightened up an otherwise busy and unusually stressful couple of weeks (cue sad violin music).

Well, we’ve had chocolate type and potato type, and now we have cupcake type from Gemma over at For the Love of Type:


Can you name the typeface?

Type Friday / Type Neu

Eric sent me a mail about this new Flickr Group, Typography Friday:

type friday

Type Neu is a relatively new type site with daily posts. I wonder if iLT will make it into their ‘relevant links’ section? ;)


The above poster was featured on TypeNeu and is part of Dante Carlos’ Letter By Circle project. I like it.

Miscellaneous links

An interesting discussion on whether there’s a need for scientific tests for readability/legibility on Typophile.

Erik Spiekermann speaking at the University of Ulster for the FiFFteen exhibition.

Coming up

Next is the interview with Jean François Porchez. My fault that it’s been delayed, not Jean François’. We also have some more articles from Kris Sowersby, and a review of Gerard Unger’s While You’re Reading, one of my favourite books of 2007, and of course lots, lots more, including articles from new contributors!

A big thank you to iLT’s new translators to join the growing team. The latest members are Vitor Mazzeo for Portuguese and Uta for Chinese. More languages to come soon. If you write and translate well, and you’d like to help out, then send me a mail.

And finally

Does anyone know when the new edition of Counterpunch is due? Oh, and it’s Valentine’s day soon (I’ve forgotten which date exactly), so there are Valentine’s Font packs appearing everywhere. Utter nonsense in my opnion. If you want something romantic, then just go for an elegant script; and they don’t come much better than this:


However, if your girlfriend leaves you because you bought her a font rather than a 127-carat diamond engagement ring, don’t blame me.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Hello :)

    Thanks so much for the write up!

    Typography Friday: The idea.


    I originally started Typography Friday as a weekly mental exercise to help me progress as a designer. Creating the pool on Flickr seemed like a good way to allow other people to contribute to the project. The response has been exciting, to say the least. Usually by Tuesday morning, I am concepting ideas to see what I can come up with for the end of the week. I am pretty honored that a few very established folks are participating, such as Brooke Nuñez Fetissoff of Lifeinvector.com, who has done some really amazing work.

    I am excited to see where Typography Friday will go, and at the very least, it helps push me to be a more conceptual designer.

    And the best part? ANYONE can take part in the fun! Just join the group on Flickr and submit! See you next Friday!

  2. You have done a smashing job with this blog and I tend to mention it as one of my prime examples of how a blog should be implemented to those who care to listen. It’s in the same class as Brian Clark’s “Copyblogger” (and BLDGBLOG, can’t remember the guy’s name) in being a blog that’s highly focused on a single topic and deals with it extremely well. Congratulations!

  3. miha

    Congratulations for the first half a year, and keep doing fantastic work! I am happy to be a subscriber, although not for a long time:)

    You mentioned many things, so I will be reading it whole week - yeah, that’s the real fix:)
    And just a quick comment: FontBook poster by Vlad is the best!
    Eric, this flickr typography group is interesting, I should discovered it before:)
    Oh, and there is Gill Sans on cupcakes – one of my favorite typefaces.

  4. Valentines Day is on the 14th February. :)

  5. Erik
    Thanks for the additional info, and good luck with Typography Friday.

    Thank you very much. That’s quite a compliment coming from Mr Rails :) That reminds me: are there any Rails blogging app’s?

  6. I found this blog while browsing through the Bloggie nominees. Gorgeous site, gorgeous type. Congrats on hitting the six-month mark. Keep it up!

    As for the contest… I have to say that my favorite is (b), Vlad’s. Very clever.

  7. Wow. There are 4 or 5 excellent movie ads here. My vote has to go for the Gollum because it’s so (frighteningly) true to the way I look and feel when holding my FontBook.

  8. Well done on your mass of comments.
    It be nice to see some google analytics screen shots, see what the traffics doing and where its all coming from / main posts ..etc

    Also love the space odyssey cover

  9. I just discovered this blog a few weeks ago and have been loving it ever since. I don’t usually post comment on blogs, but I had to on this one as yours is such a wealth of information and done so well. Thanks for typing!

  10. Another great Sunday Type!

    Those type-cakes make my hungry, mmm. Not sure about the font though, looks kinda like one I have called “Milo” …

    And great job to all the participants in the FontBook contest, there are some fantastic entries in there. I love Christian’s especially, though I imagine he actually owns the book, since the angle is perfect. Hehe.

    Looking forward to the interview, keep up the great work John.

  11. It is definitely hard to pick a favorite! But I’m going to have to go with Mischa’s, The 32 000 Commandments. Clever, and very well-executed!

    Now, if for Valentine’s Day my special someone gave me those decadent-looking cupcakes… well, let’s just say that would be one special day.

    Keep up the good stuff, Johno! I feel quite confident in saying we (all the iLT readers) will definitely be around for the first anniversary, in August.

  12. Dan

    First of all, great touch on the Godfather + FontBook poster, using Helvetica. I’ve recently seen the movie and I try to find real-life instances. I’ve been pretty amazed.

    Secondly, it’s my first comment here so I might as well say everything I was planning to say. It’s been a great day. I finally found the perfect paragraph font in Fabiol, by lazydogs (.de). Just have to drool over it for now as the price tag is pretty steep.

    I was wondering… I see lots of type aficionados here… How do you people earn a living though your love of typography ? Let’s just say I’m at the point in life in which I must follow a single path forward and I want your help.

  13. doug

    Cupcakes = Gill Sans. I’d recognize that abominable lowercase ‘a’ anywhere. :)

  14. Wow, those are some very impressive poster transformations. My favourites are Mel Gibson, Frodo, Godfather and Casablanca ( I really liked how the lyrics were changed, wish the image quality was better though ).

    Gemma, those cupcakes look so delicious - I’m sure they’ll be a hit should you consider selling them :-)

    John, is it that famous Por­tuguese diamond - 127-carat emerald cut you were talking about - the one that’s on perma­nent display at the Smithsonian In­stitute? One could buy the entire Veer and FontFont collection in exchange of that one diamond ;-)

  15. I am making another batch of cupcakes tonight!
    Any requests for a typeface?

  16. 6 months, is that all it’s been? Feels like way more than that :)
    Estilo Text is very nice, actualy the “n” looks perfect for my logo. Even though it’s on sale it’s still a little steep for my pockets.

    Those fontbook posters are hilarious. Funny stuff. Thanks for the links, Type Neu is really good stuff. Yet another amazing Sunday type! :)

  17. @Gemma — I dare you to use Linotype Zapfino. But maybe Futura Bold would be easier.

    @Johno — Congrats on the six months of phenomenal success. One blog to rule them all… ;)

    Speaking of which — I love both of the LoTR movie entries!

  18. I’d eat the Gill Sans cupcake anyday. I used to like Gill Sans, but then I went ahead and overused it. But as a cupcake, I could learn to like old Gill Sans again!

  19. Gemma, how about using Archer and using all the letters in I Love Typography, take a shot and present to Johno for his blog’s six-months anniversary? ;-)

    Happy anniversary, John. Wishing you to keep your sanity with such a huge success and all the best to iLT!

  20. E.L.

    Sunday should be a day of rest. A day to think about God. But who needs God when you have fonts, money, ads and any other nonsense like that. Well, people should think more about needing God, beacuse fonts won`t get anyone to heaven…

  21. miha
    Thanks. I’m pleased there’s enough to keep you going for the entire week.

    Thank you. As you can tell, I’m an incurable romantic :)

    Welcome to iLT. Thanks for your kind words.

    Yes, there are some impressive ones in there. I think one would have to be pretty strong to do what ‘Moses’ is doing.

    I once mentioned a list of the top countries for traffic, but I don’t recall where. I rarely look at Google Analytics, but perhaps I will do something. And as for the ‘mass of comments’, well, thanks must go to you and everyone else who contributes here.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope to see you here again soon.

    You really started something with Mel. I was thinking of a slightly wider set one beginning with “Mon”…

    It’s a petty we don’t all live a little closer to Gemma. If we did, she’d be baking cupcakes like there’s no tomorrow.

    Welcome to iLT. I enjoyed Helvetica too. Did you watch all the extras? — the interviews? Love the interview with Spiekermann talking about Microsoft. As for making a living through type—that’s a broad question; some do so as typographers, some as type designers. I don’t know know your background, so difficult to comment. However, these iLT interviews might help you. Good luck.

    Haha. It is kind of quirky. It’s a little like Marmite that ‘g’ :)

    Vivien (inspirationbit)
    They are impressive, aren’t they. I started doing one, but felt completely outdone. I’m sure Gemma could sell lots of them if she setup a little stand outside of Reading University’s type design department.
    What a coincidence about that 127-carat Portuguese diamond. I’d never heard of it. 127 was a number I just plucked out of the air.

    I might be too late, but Scala or Scala sans would be tasty.

    The “n” might well be just perfect. You can also buy just single weights. I think you’ll find a similar “n” in Montag. (and see here).

    Thanks! Zapfino. Now there’s a challenge. Gemma might need a larger ‘canvas’ :)

    Looks like Gemma is going to be busy.

    Thanks for your opinion. Out of interest, I write my ‘Sunday Type’ on a Monday here in Japan.

  22. Here’s Tenspace in higher resolution, where you can really enjoy it. =)

  23. Sb
    Thanks for the link; yes, much better.

  24. TypoJunkie

    Nice stuff. I loved the LotR/Fontbook crossovers! Very nice work guys. And I can’t wait to get my hands on some cupcakes now (with fonts or without). These look especially good since I really like Gill Sans (and so I try not to overuse it like Buda. Haha!).

    If any of you guys are chocoholics as well as typoholics, you’ll be thrilled to know about TCHO, designed by Erik Spiekermann. If you’re lucky enough to live in SF (or the States), go ahead and order a sample and PLEASE let me know how it is. I’m anxiously waiting for the actual launch so I can order some myself. In the meantime, I’m happy with drooling over the keyboard.

  25. TypoJunkie
    All this talk of chocolate is making me hungry. Where did you read that Erik Spiekermann designed the packaging? Someone please send me a sample :)

  26. TypoJunkie

    I know the feeling John, I’m one of those people that HAVE to eat chocolate every day! I read it at SpiekermannPartners Although I have to say one of the other parters may have actually done the work… My money’s on Erik, though! :) Oh, and I’m not sure what they designed; maybe just the logo and website. As for the packaging, I guess we’ll have to wait for the real deal: I presume the one on the page is a temp for the Beta testing.

  27. Mmm. That TCHO chocolate looks good. Really good. Why oh why must they exclude non-US residents. :(

  28. Marco

    The TypeNeu website is good, but could have been better if the type was bigger…

  29. Christian (neu)

    Oh, the font on the cupcakes is Gill Sans Bold, it’s weird that the Bold weight is the only one that has that “b”.

    Hamish, I don’t own the FontBook, I just made a mix with different images I found online and manipulated the angle so it matches.

  30. Marco
    Yes, it is good. I found the type a little small too for my eyes, but I guess the imagery (as it’s a gallery site) is what’s most important. Perhaps Christain has something to say about it.

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for TypeNeu. Yes, that bold or display ‘g’ is something of an anomaly.

  31. Thanks for pointing me towards buying the single weights. I would honestly only use blog & regular anyways, thanks! :)

  32. Christian
    Ah, I see. Really great work regardless. :)

    In order to maximize icing, I suggest “The heaviest typeface in the world”, Black Sabbath.

  33. Hamish - whoops, you missed the joke. That’s “Black Slabbath”.

  34. That is funny. All the funnier because I didn’t see the ‘l’ either. You have an eagle’s eyes, Mr Coles.

  35. Haha! Brilliant. Thanks for pointing that out Stephen. :)

  36. Thanks, John. Not so much an eagle eye this time. I’ve just known the joke for a while because Stefan consulted with me on the name.

  37. Hehehe, although I’ve never seen The Godfather, I really love that poster! The Space Odessy one is classic, too.

    I wouldn’t mind getting a typeface for V-day… so long as it’s one I like! I just found Allegheny yesterday, which I think it just beautiful!

  38. Happy 1/2-blogiversary! I just found you in the past couple weeks & am already a devoted lurker.

    Gemma, in one fell swoop you have deposed the former reigning queen of my cupcake universe. I too would love to see Archer cupcakes! Or how about Bodoni, but that would be better rendered in negative space so you could just make little slits for those hairline serifs… plus, we get more icing that way!

    Okay, back to lurking….

  39. pop a party popper, throw a streamer, crack open a bottle of Champagne, light a candle — that sort of thing. Or add a link somehow somewhere. Happy Birthday, iLT !

  40. Lauren
    David Nalle is a pretty prolific type designer.

    Thank you; and happy lurking! Great link, BTW.

    That’s my kind of birthday present. Thanks.

  41. Christian (neu)

    John, I’m in no way related with TypeNeu, I discovered it in your post. The name was just a big coincidence, Neumann is my last name but I’ve been using “neu” as my online persona for a couple of years now. Sorry for the confusion caused.

  42. Congratulations, John. I don’t suppose you say an email from me last week or the other day. Don’t know which, as the days run together, what with work and a crazy denial of service I’m going thru—only for viewing and adding to my own site and blog … but only from computers inside my house. And my ISP and hosting service don’t know what’s up.


  43. Christian (neu)
    I now recall seeing your chat comment on TypeNeu. Thanks again for your competition entries, BTW.

    Stephen Tiano
    Thanks. Doesn’t sound like a DoS to me. Perhaps you can resend that mail.

  44. Holy cow! How does one person have time to design all those fonts??

    Hey Steve, that was happening to Jacob (justcreativedesign.com… it’s down right now tho) a little while ago. It’s probably because your host thinks you’re spamming your own site… ugh.

  45. Ah, busy busy. I hope you got my e-mail John.

    The FontBook entires are class! Haha, I love the Planet of the Apes one. I can totally imagine the apes just going nuts over it.

    The nice rounded sans at the top is beautiful too, although, I don’t need anymore rounded. I must stop… *calls Typoholics Anonymous Sponser

  46. Cody
    Yes, I did receive it, thanks. Will get back to you soon. About to move, so things even more hectic than usual.

  47. Looking forward to it.

    PS - I finally opened a wordpress account, haven’t touched it yet though. Haha

  48. Topher

    Speaking of fonts and movies, have you seen this? Pretty funny, I think. Trajan is taking over the movie world.


  49. Jodie

    I love your site and I laughed so hard at the last part of this post. I had this hilarious mental image of my boyfriend buying me a font for Valentines day, and the absurdity of him actually doing that paired with how excited I would actually be to get a font for V-day made for a very good laugh. Thank you :).

  50. Cody
    I think you’ll like WP. Opening a WP.com account is a good idea to get started. Speak soon.

    Yes, I’ve seen that. I think Trajan took over long ago :)

    Thank goodness someone other than me laughs. It’s good to know that at least two people appreciate my humour. Let me know if your boyfriend gets the message, and actually buys you some type. Make sure it’s one with about 10 weights, lots of ligatures, smallcaps, lining figures, old style figures, ornaments, and 30,00 kerning pairs. Don’t let him get away with a single weight bargain basement $5 font—that wouldn’t be true love.

    ps: I suggest printing out this page drawing hearts on it, and leaving copies in conspicuous places. I’m going to try it myself (Sabon Next, Platinum Edition is at the very top of my I want this type list).

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