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Show some restraint

The Week in Type Let’s get right down to business, and start with something really beautiful. Seb Lester, who I’ve mentioned on these pages before, recently released a new poster. The picture below really doesn’t do it justice. The silver print on gorgeous Plike paper is absolutely stunning:

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Yes, we kern

The Week in Type I had intended to publish my review of Theo‘s The Typographic Desk Reference today. I’ll publish that next week. And, I missed out on April Fool‘s. I had so many ideas, from the new and free Adobe fonts with embedded ad glyphs (the humour’s in the execution!) to the … well, […]

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the week in type — Zócalo

Come on Marlene Fast closing in on 2009. I can’t believe it. What happened to 2008? The very lucky winner of the Seb Lester poster is mentioned toward the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who entered. This week’s the week in type is a big one, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably. Enjoy. […]

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An interview with Seb Lester

Mightier Than… Type designer and typographic illustrator Seb Lester is truly passionate about letterforms. His recent limited edition posters have been a huge success. His typefaces are used by the likes of Dell, Intel, The New York Times, The Sunday Times, and GQ Magazine, to name but a few. Seb kindly took time out of […]

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More from the mighty Seb Lester

Sexy Type Last week I featured Seb’s Mightier poster, one of which I purchased. The print quality really is quite exceptional. I don’t even have mine framed, yet I’m itching to buy another. Here are the latest from Seb Lester:

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Sunday Type: mightier type

The Heart of the Matter Thanks to the more than 300 people who sent in their answers to the identify the s’s competition. The winner is announced below. Another big thank you to all those who regularly send in links and nice emails. Today’s is a big one, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. […]

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Sunday Type: matrix type

Not Starring Keanu Reaves Welcome to ILT’s 100th post. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions and who read and commented on my interview with Jos Buivenga. Also, thanks to Jos for being such a good sport, and taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions. I’ll be sure to keep […]

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