Based in Melbourne, Australia, Kai Brach is a 30 year-old web designer, working on user interfaces and websites for more than 10 years. Mid-2011 he started Offscreen, a quarterly print publication about the people behind websites, apps, and digital products.


Ready Media

InDesign Templates Just after the war (I don’t recall when exactly, but perhaps it was in the early days of QuarkXPress), I do recall trying to find good templates for magazines and newspapers. I found none — at least I found none that didn’t resemble something put together by the office Janitor who did the […]


8 Faces

for devotees of typography The good news is that Elliot Jay Stocks has published 8 Faces, a print title for typography enthusiasts. The other good news is that its limited run of 1,000 copies sold out in just a few hours. That leads us to the bad news: you won’t be able to get a […]


Creative Review redesign

Though I’ve yet to see it in the flesh, I like the look of Creative Review’s redesign. Everything from logo through type, format, & guts.


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