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The Movie Made me smile. New promotion for Suitcase Fusion 2. “In a world torn apart by so many typefaces …” Starring Stone Serif, Dom Casual,… and a special appearence by Marla Semi-Wide Roman. Link.

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Sunday Type: Mel Gibson Type

The Serifless Roman Welcome to another edition of Sunday Type. I hope that everyone had a good week. It’s been an especially busy week, with more than the usual number of emails through iLT. Kris Sowersby’s Why Bembo Sucks article was incredibly popular. There are some more great articles to come from Kris. Let’s get […]

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ILT Investigates: type torture

kern baby kern Warning: readers may find some of the images in this article disturbing. It was 2am when the call came in over the radio. Italic rain lashed down against the wind shield, liquefying the neon sign’s reflection. Clarendon looks good in Neon, but perhaps… The radio interrupted my thoughts, bearing a voice that […]

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Typenuts, The Funny Side of Typography

First, a big thank you to all of you loyal iLT readers and subscribers. Perhaps I should change this site’s name to welovetypography.com, or Ilovetypographyandyoudotoo.com. Anyway…. Well, many have commented that they enjoy a little humour with their typography, so let me introduce you to TypeNuts, the new iLT comic strip. This is my first […]

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Who shot the serif?

One of the reasons for starting this site was that I felt there just wasn’t enough being said about the topic. Secondly, and more significantly, I always found it difficult to quickly locate typographic resources. The long-term aim of this blog is to be such a resource, a one-stop-shop for everything about typography, from terminology […]

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