Eames House Blocks

In the House These Eames House Blocks look great. Another hit from House Industries: Child not included (I guess).


More House

Objects of Desire Lots of new type-related goodies from House Industries. I want this ampersand pillow:


Sex, lies, & type

The Week in Type Welcome to a slightly later than usual week in type. Lots happening in the world of web fonts — links to the best content below. There’s also free stuff, so don’t click away.


The Best Type of 2007

And the nominations are… I had planned on publishing Typographic Detail for the Web, but Typographica has just released its annual Our Favorite Typefaces. It’s always an inspiring list, and a precursor of some of the fine things to come. Interestingly they’ve renamed it. Formerly it had been Best Fonts which is not wholly inaccurate […]


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learn greek type desgin
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