Single letter logos: What do you see?

An experiment in single-letter logos.


How to build a font library on a budget

I set myself the task of building a small font library on a budget. Here’s what I picked, but before that, a few points on how I got started:


Ask ILT: Fashion Fonts

In episode #2 of Ask ILT, I tackle the question, Why do fashion brands and magazines use so much Bodoni & Didot? Read on to find out why!


Ask ILT: Grotesque & Neo-Grotesque

For the first in my brand new series of reader questions, I begin with two common type classifications. They sound pretty much the same and they do have a lot in common, but their differences are significant, and that makes them suitable for different applications.


The Last Word on Helvetica?

Perhaps this article should have ended at the question mark in its title. And by the end of it, you may well concur. However, in the meantime, and before I get started — and I promise this won’t take long — let me be clear, I am not, I repeat, not (in bold for emphasis) a Helvetica hater.


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