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I Love Typography

I Love Typography


The Movie

Made me smile. New promotion for Suitcase Fusion 2. “In a world torn apart by so many typefaces …

Starring Stone Serif, Dom Casual,… and a special appearence by Marla Semi-Wide Roman.


Diacritical Challenge

Squiggly Bits

This poster makes reference to the paucity of diacritics in English. And, when they are employed, they’re often used on loan words—like the French café, for example. Here’s a little pre-Sunday Type challenge for you: name all the diacritics (or diacritical marks), and name the typeface used.

Poster designed by Michael Ciancio (you’ll need to click on the English Language link on the left to see the poster—the site uses frames).

Thanks to Kate Allen who said she thought of me when she first saw this poster. I take that as a compliment :) I guess I should offer a prize. Any suggestions?

See you on Sunday!

Obama Village

Galaxian Hearts

This is a politically neutral post, but I thought it was so well done, that I just had to share it:

Village has also released several additions to Chester Jenkins’ Galaxie Polaris family:

Version 3 of Galaxie Polaris features some minor improvements and—owing to popular demand—now comes with small caps, and Cyrillic script support.

Love the cap Q:

On top of all that, there’s a slimmer verson, Galaxie Polaris condensed.

And finally, in the spirit of neutrality: vote Obama!

Sunday Type: lettercult type

Type & Lettering

I will begin with a recently launched web site, LetterCult. Thanks to regular link contributor Peter van Impelen, I’ve had the pleasure to read this fine blog. There are already interviews with Mark Simonson and the wonderful Gemma O’Brien of Write Here Right Now fame.

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Friday Flickr Found Type

Gutbustingly Good

Invariably, these kinds of post are couched in grandiloquence, “The World’s Best, most stunningly awesome typographically awe-inspiring found type.” And although, the search engines might love it, I just can’t do it. So here’s some stuff I found that I rather like—and I hope it inspires you.

Aaron Martin:

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Sunday Type: czech type

Final Registration

What a hectic couple of weeks. Well, time to forget all your worries, sit back and enjoy some type and lettering. The winner of the Designing Books competition is mentioned at the close of today’s article. Thanks to all those who have sent in links and suggestions.

The other week I mentioned Typoretum. I mention them again because they have some lovely new printers’ flowers letterpress cards:

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Museo Sans released

A new face from exljbris

Apologies for the lack of a Sunday Type last week. I’ll be back on track from this Sunday, when I’ll also announce the winner of Designing Books.

Just one brief announcement today. Hot on the heels of an extended Anivers, Jos Buivenga releases Museo Sans, the other half of his incredibly popular Museo:

Museo Sans

Museo Sans comes in 10 styles, two of which are completely free.

For numerous other quality free fonts, see Jos Buivenga’s site.

Reading Class of 2008

MA Typeface Design

A new web site to showcase the work of this year’s students of the MA in Typeface Design at the univeristy of Reading.

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Designing books: practice & theory

A Brief Review

Abook that carries the names Jost Hochuli and Robin Kinross on the cover is enough to get just about anyone’s synapses salivating.* Designing books: practice and theory, published by Hyphen Press is the best single volume on the subject of designing books. Why save it for the concluding remarks. Hold this book in your hands, flip through it, take note of the color of text blocks, the proportions … in these simple acts there are invaluable lessons to be learned.

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Sunday Type: tsang type

Words as Pictures

Thanks for your feedback to my questions about posting frequency and the length of these Sunday Type posts. I’ve decided to shorten Sunday Type just a little (though I will sometimes supersize it), and also post relevant newsworthy items throughout the week—if there are any, that is. I’m also considering ‘mashable’ posts using tags. So, for example, you select the Marian Bantjes tag, and you get to see a post that comprises all the Bantjes bits from various iLT posts. If there are some smart WordPress coders out there, then let me know how I might go about achieving this—please.

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FF Meta Serif Microsite

Meta goes Micro

I wouldn’t usually publish short items like this, but I like it, so here it is. FontShop has just launched a micro-site devoted to FF Meta Serif. Some interesting content, including this downloadable PDF poster:

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Sunday Type: circumflex type

Get Fit With Fonts

Welcome to another Sunday Type. Thanks to everyone who has mailed me links. To those who have mailed me questions, please be patient. I have at least 200 unanswered ILT mails, and I’m working through them in my spare time (and there’s not much of that).

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