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I Love Typography

I Love Typography

Printing — how it used to be

Just discovered this wonderful little gem from a post on TYPO-L (ATypI). It’s from a series of films produced by Holmes (Burton) Films, Inc. Enjoy!

Thus press work is particularly fitted for young men who like to work with machines…. Work conditions are generally satisfactory, as are housing, hygiene, and hours.

Fancy a change of career?


Via archive.org

Footnotes *†‡§

Just a quick one: not sure how I missed this the first time around, but the entire FontFont catalogue can be viewed online over at issuu. You can flip through the 2009 catalogue, zoom in for higher resolution, and even download it (though you’ll need to sign up).

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The week in type: die neue

Ramping it up

First, thanks to everyone who took part in the My favourite letters competition. Some great entries, and two great prizes for the winners. See the end of the post to discover who the lucky ones are. If you didn’t win, then rest assured there will be many more give-aways and prizes in future, so stay tuned.

Let’s start with something different, a typography-inspired WordPress theme from hellyeahdude:

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More from the mighty Seb Lester

Sexy Type

Last week I featured Seb’s Mightier poster, one of which I purchased. The print quality really is quite exceptional. I don’t even have mine framed, yet I’m itching to buy another. Here are the latest from Seb Lester:

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The week in type: casanova

Minister for Typography

Welcome to The week in type*, the new name for Sunday Type. I know many of you have gotten used to the name, but for those new to the site, the former nomenclature could be a tad confusing. Thanks to the more than 100 of you who commented on the previous post, and for your votes on the WordPress showcase. Makes me all the more determined to really step things up. The book winners are at the end of this post. Let’s begin with some love,

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Good luck to US voters. You might also want to vote for iLT:

WordPress showcase

Oh, and as I’m in a particularly good mood, and I’d like to say thank you for your support of iLT, there’s a copy of Felici’s The Complete Manual of Typography, and a copy of Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style up for grabs.* Just tell me—well everyone—why you would vote for iLT. I’ll pick the winner from the comments before the next post.

See you all for the next post, and some more inspiring type.

* Two winners; one book per winner. If you already have the book, then choose another of approx equal value.

Thanks to Douglas for nominating iLT.
See also the FontFeed‘s gentle reminder.

I Love Type Links 1

The Competition

As a way of reducing the length of Sunday Type, I’ve decided to move the general links—bits and pieces—to a separate page. I don’t think I’ll show these posts on the home page, but by slicing Sunday Type in two (from time to time), I hope that it will be a little easier to digest. I’m also looking at ways to better tag the content within Sunday Type; so that, for example, if you just want to see typographic posters, then a little WP wizardry will dig out and display only poster-related content from all the Sunday Type posts, and serve them up as a single custom post. Not sure that that will make any sense. Anyway, here we go (competition details at the end!):

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Sunday Type: tomate type

No Underwear Mon Amour

If you missed the interview with Ludwig Übele, then be sure to check it out. For excerpts of all the interviews on ILT, then simply click right … here. Until I can wrap my work schedule around iLT, then Sunday Type will still be published once weekly, but that could be any day. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I actually posted Sunday Type on a Sunday. Well, that’s quite enough preamble; on with the show.

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An Interview with Ludwig Übele

After studying graphic design in Germany and Finland, Ludwig Übele worked for a number of years in the industry until he decided to concentrate on type design, and set off for the Netherlands. Since graduating from KABK’s TypeMedia course in 2007, Ludwig works freelance as a professional type designer—designing type for both text and display—and works on brand development.

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Sunday Type: mightier type

The Heart of the Matter

Thanks to the more than 300 people who sent in their answers to the identify the s’s competition. The winner is announced below. Another big thank you to all those who regularly send in links and nice emails. Today’s is a big one, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

First up is a new limited edition A2 poster from Seb Lester.

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Sunday Type: inspiring type

Finger Lickin’ Good

Another busy week, and a later than usual Sunday Type. Owing to work commitments that have a habit of interfering with ILT, those articles I promised will be posted, though a little later than scheduled. Several big articles are on their way: the fifth part in the History of Typography series, a personal piece on Why Type Matters, a couple of interviews, and the Combining Type article that outlines how to combine serifed typefaces with sans serif ones. In the meantime, here’s something to inspire you:

First up is some lovely lettering from Russian Maxwell Lord:

Maxwell Lord

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Sunday type: kokoro type

We Heart Type

I have come across so much type inspiration this week, that there just isn’t the space or the time to post it all, so I might post some other snippets during the week. In addition to what’s below, be sure to check out Jon Tan’s great little article on Quotation Marks & Texture. Enjoy:

Let’s start with the beautiful work of Japanese artist, Siho:

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