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Further reading: Penny Dreadfuls & Murder Broadsides

This is the reference & further reading list for the article,
Penny Dreadfuls & Murder Broadsides

On Crime broadsides see the superb Crime, Broadsides and Social Change, 1800–1850, 2020 by Kate Bates, based on an analysis of 650 nineteenth-century crime broadsides. The British Library has a wonderful print culture series of short articles on everything from Victorian reading habits to penny dreadfuls and street literature.

For an overview of the nineteenth-century reading revolution (although with little mention of penny dreadfuls), read the excellent, The Cambridge Companion to English Literature, 1830–1914, 2010.

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Freely accessible online collections of penny dreadfuls and broadsides:

National Library of Scotland: The Word on the Street Collection

Harvard Library: English Crime and Execution Broadsides (wonderfully presented and searchable.)

British Library: Penny Dreadfuls