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Here are all of the glyphs from the Glorious Glyphs Game. Learn all of these, ace the quiz!

Indie Inline by Lián Types

Inkwell Tuscan by H&Co.

Macula by Bold Monday

Mr Eaves Sans by Emigre

Business Penmanship by Sudtipos [alternative asterisk]

Sentinel by H&Co.

Capucine by Process Type Foundry

Magasin by Type-Ø-Tones

Isotope by H&Co.

Allumi by Typofonderie

Marat by Ludwig Type

Blaktur by House Industries

Manicotti by David Jonathan Ross

Obsidian by H&Co.

Pilot by Bold Monday

Leksa by Alexandra Korolkova

Antarctican by Dunwich Type Founders

Decorata by Positype

Forza by H&Co.

AW Conqueror by Typofonderie

Fixture by Sudtipos

Archer by H&Co.

Map Roman by DJR

Hopeless Diamond by Barnbrook Fonts

National by Klim Type

Priori Acute by Barnbrook Fonts

Template Gothic by Emigre

FF Scala by Martin Majoor

Maelstrom by Klim Type

Dala Floda by Commercial Type

Requiem by H&Co.

Officina Sans by ITC

Kinescope by Mark Simonson Studio

Landmark by H&Co.

Swift by Linotype

Karloff Negative by Typotheque

Mokka by Ludwig Type

Megalopolis Extra by Smeltery

Knockout by H&Co.

Kansas Casual by Kyle Wayne Benson

Ohm by Type Supply

Pique by Process

Occupant Gothic by Occupant Fonts

Orbe by R-Typography

Vibro by Signal Type Foundry

Hoefler Text by H&Co.

Hobeaux Rococeaux by Oh No Type Co.

Birra Bruin by Darden Studio

Arepo Inline by Stone Type

Orientation by Commerical Type

Eskapade Fraktur by TypeTogether