Antoine VĂ©rard

Antoine VĂ©rard was a French publisher and bookseller active in Paris, 1485–1512. He was the first to publish a Book of Hours in France in 1485, printed by Jean du PrĂ©. A single copy has survived – now held at The Morgan Library and Museum, New York. A page from one of VĂ©rard’s deluxe editions, […]


Aretino, Pietro

Pietro Aretino: (1492[3] – 1556) was an Italian author, playwright, poet and satirist. Author of Sonetti lussuriosi (1527), sixteen erotically explicit sonnets written to accompany Marcantonio Raimondi’s engravings of Giulio Romano’s drawings of the sexual positions in I Modi. This book is featuted in the ILT article, From Farting to Fornication. See Wikipedia


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