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Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: JAF Herb

Steven Heller falls in love with JAF Herb, a tightly spaced, contemporary blackletter with a brush-script vibe.


Single letter logos: What do you see?

An experiment in single-letter logos.


How to build a font library on a budget

I set myself the task of building a small font library on a budget. Here’s what I picked, but before that, a few points on how I got started:


The New Johnson & Johnson Logo

The new Johnson & Johnson logo is more than a typographic blunder. It’s also a massive branding gamble with a high risk strategy.


Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: Amberwood

If I were to design a new magazine that needed to be both traditional with the hint of edge attitude, I would consider the Amberwood font family. It is a sans serif with a touch of quirk. Its key feature is the brush letter curves that at once gives it a carnival poster sensibility that feels as though it was designed to suggest carefully contoured ribbon.


Quality Web Fonts

Web fonts are more than just a way to make your text look nice. They’re a powerful tool to communicate your brand’s personality, message, and values to your audience. Web fonts also affect the readability, usability, and accessibility of your website — factors which have a direct impact on your conversions and revenue.


Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: Scusi

Perhaps the ideal way to appreciate Francis Chouquet’s 2023 typeface Scusi is to imagine the classic film posters painted and designed in the 60s and 70s by Italian film poser designer Sandro Symeoni, whose custom letter forms and typefaces adorned a bevy of imported Hollywood films destined to be translated or dubbed for Italian audiences as well as those originals made Cinecitta, the legendary film studio in Rome. Although there is a tangential relationship, Chouquet did a good job of building on them and inventing his own signature


New releases, fresh new fonts! — episode 2

In case you missed part one, catch up here. Today we have four more fantastic font families that are definitely worth checking out. Let’s jump straight in…


New releases, fresh new fonts! — episode 1

We have some great new typefaces to tell you about! From blocky and fun display families like Scusi to eccentric scripts like Exentrica (we love the name), to the elegant high contrast of Copperscript — oh, and a tall slim gem called Amberwood.


Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: Baudot

Our July Font of the Month is Baudot from Delve Fonts: Somewhere, squirreled away in almost every pre-digital graphic designer’s flat files near to the old rubber cement remover and the hand-roller used for flattening out galleys, under the piles of Rubylith, a box of ruling tape and a T-square from the ancient paste-up days, is a small collection of dry transfer type sheets (also known as press type).


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