Introduction to Arabic Type Design

with Dr. Nadine Chahine: Summer 2022

This introductory course is 24 hours of teaching spread over 4 months. The course is for anyone interested in Arabic type design! Those with previous knowledge will be able to progress more quickly, but the course is structured in such a way that no advance knowledge of either Arabic or type design is required. However, the participants need to have a strong background in design principles and DTP applications. The course is taught in English.

Course structure
(classes take place at 4pm UK time)

  • Session 1 — May 17: Introduction to the Arabic script and calligraphic styles
  • Session 2 — May 24: Introduction to Arabic typographic styles: Kufi + Glyphs
  • Session 3 — May 31: Review of Project 1 (structural analysis of one Kufi style)
  • Session 4 — June 7: Introduction to Arabic typographic styles: Naskh
  • Session 5 — June 14: Review of Project 2 (structural analysis of one Naskh style)
  • Session 6 — June 21: Type Design basics
  • Session 7 — June 28: Review of Project 3 (first draft)
  • Session 8 — July 5: Review of Project 3 (basic character set)
  • Session 9 — July 26: Review of Project 3 (expanded set)
  • Session 10 — August 9: Review of Project 3 (full set)
  • Session 11 — August 23: Refinement
  • Session 12 — September 6: Refinement

Course materials and projects

Participants will be required to prepare for each session which typically comprises the provided course readings and recommended videos. There will be 3 main projects, though the first two are more analytical in nature. Project 3 will be an opportunity for each participant to design their own new typeface!


The course is open to a maximum of 12 participants. This ensures that every student gets ample time for feedback.

How will it work?

The course will use the latest software in order to set up a virtual classroom and a resource centre for the course materials. Participants will need to join the weekly sessions via a Zoom link that would be provided. A stable internet connection is required, as well as the latest Glyphs software on a Mac.

Fees and registration

The course fee is £990 + 20% VAT (if applicable) and is non-refundable. Participants are exempt of VAT if registering as an EU business. To register, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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