Glyphs Python Crash Course

With Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer: Spring 2023
This 10-hour course will introduce you to Python for font engineering. It will enable you to read and modify existing Python code, and get you started in writing your own code from scratch. Special attention is given to automating tasks in Glyphs. This course also works as an add-on to the ILT-Glyphs Font Engineering course. The course is taught in English.

Course structure

  • Session 1: Feb 21 (2 hours), 18-20 UK: Python basics: statements, variables, loops, functions; Glyphs API; finding the help you need while coding
  • Session 2: Feb 23 (2 hours), 18-20 UK: Recap/Q&A and discussing homework

  • Session 3: Feb 25 (4 hours), 14-18 UK: Recap/Q&A and coding concepts
  • Session 4: Feb 28 (2 hours), 18-20 UK: using libraries, abstraction and avoiding code reduplication

Course materials and projects
Participants are required to prepare for each session with recommended reading (doable within an hour). You will be given a set of tasks as homework once (doable within an hour). You are encouraged to submit questions before classes. Homework tasks, prepared content and collected questions are discussed in live sessions.

The course is open to a maximum 25 participants. This ensures that each student gets ample time for feedback.

How will it work?
The course will use the latest software in order to set up a virtual classroom, and a resource centre for the course materials. Participants will need to join the sessions via a Zoom link. A Mac (macOS 10.15 or later recommended) with Glyphs 3 and a stable internet connection is required.

Fees and registration
The course fee is £300 + 20% VAT (if applicable) and is non-refundable. Fee is £150 + VAT if booked together with the Font Engineering course. Participants are exempt of VAT if registering as an EU business. To register, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected]phy.com


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