Single letter logos:
What do you see?

Imagine this: you’re working on a logo design, and you’ve tried all sorts of options except the most obvious of them all, using the initial(s) of the brand name to come up with the logo mark. Often enough, it all comes down to the typeface you choose and the typographic voice it carries. You could opt for classical serifs, neutral sans serifs, or a memorable, quirky-looking design. If you’re leaning towards the latter option, this article is for you!

I selected 12 typefaces whose characters are full of character and added the first thought that came to my head.

Left to right:
Glance Slab: Corporate but with a quirky edge. HR would love this.
Fleisch: I want to see this on spicy food packaging. Or beer. Logo for a beer brand?
Regime: Solid and dependable. Maybe heavy-duty machinery manufacturer.
Haste: An arts program, a cultural center.
Left to right:
Spektra: Trendy fashion label, comfortable snug jeans with a white t-shirt.
Bangel: Toys for children with an educational vibe.
Norse: Tacos like at Wahaca in London.
Sisteron: So pretty… Makeup label!
Left to right:
Chassis: Outdoor fashion label.
Daisy: Tech company that supports women in STEM.
Glycerin: Camping gear.
Pufff: Daycare center for kids. Or better yet, for pets!

Now it’s your turn — what do you see?

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