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For a limited time, you can get 50% off a selection of quality fonts, including some of our most popular designs. Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer, or simply someone who loves typography, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Our carefully curated library of fonts is designed to help you create stunning visuals that stand out from the crowd.


by Sproviero-Type
A fun and fabulous script in sharp and rounded versions. Great for titles, posters, and logotypes.
fonts from $19   $9.50

Indie & Indie Inline

by Sproviero-Type
Inspired by brush lettering and sign painting, Indie and Indie Inline, designed by Maximiliano Sproviero, are energetic scripts that liven up any design.
fonts from $20   $10

Gwen & Gwen Variable

by Fontfabric
A typeface with optional sparkles. Our favorite feature of Gwen is most easily accessible in the variable font version that comes with a  sparkle or sharpness axis — in addition to a weight axis. This makes it ideal for animation, but also means that you can dial the ‘sparkle’ from muted to magnificent.
Full family of 7 fonts for $129   $64.50


by Zetafonts
Bold, bubbly, and super fun — and available in a regular and display version.
20 fonts from $35   $17.50

Paneuropa Inline

Geometric and architectural, Paneuropa Inline has a kind of Bauhaus / Brutalist vibe with a subtle weathered texture— this all-caps display typeface is perfect for titles or for organic, rugged, and outdoorsy brands.
Full family: $29   $14.50


by Schriftlabor
A versatile humanist sans serif, Modal includes cool stencil and backslant fonts to mix things up.
Fonts from: $42   $21


by Huy! Fonts
Rotulo is based on vintage sign-painters’ contrasted sans, that with the right color palettes exhibits a cool ’70s vibe. Looks especially great in all-caps, and would be perfect for branding, editorial design (print or online), and could also work well for advertising. Also comes as a single variable font with 3 axes: Width, Weight, and Slant.
Fonts from: $35   $17.50

Bodoni Egyptian Mono

by Shinntype
In a landscape filled with thousands of typefaces, Bodoni Egyptian Mono is an unexpected design that mixes together wildly divergent DNAs.
Fonts from: $39   $19.50


by Type Salon
An expressive high contrasts typeface with generous hairline serifs. A gem in 5 weights.
Full family: $110  $55

Ponta Text (60% off!)

by Outras Fontes
Ponta Text is a brand new and beautiful incised sans serif for text and editorial design.
18 fonts + variable for just $76

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