Introducing Mackay: A Powerful Transitional Serif for Screen and Print

Typography is an essential element in any design, and choosing the right typeface makes all the difference. That’s where Mackay comes in — a powerful transitional serif designed for both screen and print.

Mackay is available in six weights, ranging from a delicate thin to a blustering black, with matching italics for each weight. Mackay is ideal for a pretty braod range of applications, from editorial design to branding and advertising.

One of the unique features of Mackay is the eccentric serifs on uppercase letters like E, F, L, and T. These serifs were inspired by Alexander Kay’s ‘Ronaldson’ from 1884, which served as the starting point for the family. This gives Mackay a distinctive look and feel that sets it apart from regular transitional serifs.

The lowercase letters of Mackay follow the traditional Antiqua model, with attributes that trace back to drawings from the early 20th century. However, there are some notable differences that give Mackay its own character. The grotesque lowercase a and the sharp lowercase s are derived from the closed shapes of uppercase letters like C, G, or S. This creates a compact and bold appearance ideally suited to contemporary designs.

Mackay is also designed with a large x-height and small descenders. This adds a modern look to the typeface while still maintaining an aesthetic connection to its roots — a powerful transitional serif that is perfect for both screen and print. Check it out in the ILT Store

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