Hot New Fonts: spring 2023

We’re always excited to tell you about the launch of great new additions to the ILT Font Store. Here are some recent releases we thought you’d like to hear about. And don’t forget they’re all available as webfonts too. Time to meet the new kids on the block:

Acorn by Beasts of England

Brand new and beautiful from our friends at Beasts of England — meet Acorn. Not an easy one to classify, but those are the typefaces that tend to stand out. Especially good if you’re looking for that kind of back to the future, retro-meets-modern look. Try in in your next ads, or use the  Acorn webfonts for your blog or shop. The full family is just $99. As a super-bonus, the full family comes with the variable font!

Gilway by Art Grootfontein

The new Gilway is your new go-to font family for that fun and quirky content or brand. Rounded bubble letters, relatively narrow proportions, and looks especially good when upper- and lowercase are mixed together. Ideal for editorial design, including magazine covers, blog titles and your next edgy or offbeat brand.

Juma by Naipe Foundry

A pretty special color font family from Naipe Foundry. The addition of a monochrome outline style means that you can use your own custom color palette. It’s outrageously expressive nature will naturally limit its applications, but when you do find. place for it, it’s going to pay off ten-fold. Juma is designed to be used big — the bigger the better! Juma was also recently featured in Steven Heller’s Font of the Month.

Rotulo by Huy!Fonts

Rotulo is based on vintage sign-painters’ contrasted sans, that with the right color palettes exhibits a cool ’70s vibe. The range of widths and weights is impressive. looks great in all-caps too and would be perfect for branding, editorial design (print or online), and could also work well for advertising (especially in the broadest and heaviest weights).

Paneuropa Inline by ROHH

Geometric and architectural, Paneuropa Inline joins the larger Paneuropa superfamily as a welcome addition. Has a kind of Bauhaus / Brutalist vibe with a subtle weathered texture— this all-caps display typeface is perfect for titles or for rugged outdoorsy brands. Right now, the full family of three fonts is on sale for a steal at just $14.50. Get it here.

Moucha by Vibrant Types

A new geometric sans with a nice twist. Moucha is an enormous family of 50 fonts. Standout letters include the lowercase g, especially in the heavier weights. A versatile new sans serif that’s ideal for branding and has wide language support (including Vietnamese) and supports three scripts: Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin! All Mouch fonts are available at an introductory 50% off.

Carole Serif by Schriftlabor

Carole Serif is ideal for any text-intensive applications: as webfonts, and for magazines and books — especially when set all-cpas for book titles or magazine mastheads. Carole Serif is also available as variable fonts — great if you’re using something like Figma. And Carole Serif webfonts look great for text on the web. Try it for your blog!

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