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We’re thrilled to announce new ILT Academy courses and workshops. Take your Glyphs skills to the next level with our Glyphs Power-Up workshop, learn to design a Cyrillic typeface from scratch, or start designing variable fonts.

Glyphs Power-Up Workshop
with Rainer Scheichelbauer

You know Glyphs but want to take your skills to the next level? Then our Glyphs Power-Up half-day session is for you. Packed to bursting with tips, tricks, and hidden Glyphs gems. All designed to improve your workflow and save you time. Topics covered include: paths, harmonizing, batch-editing, extensions, components, and much more! [April 29]

Variable Fonts Workshop
with Rainer Scheichelbauer

Finally make the move from static to variable font design! You’ll learn to create your own variable fonts, including drawing for delta interpolation, setting up axes, masters and instances, making the most of OpenType features for variable fonts, and much more! [TBA]

Intro to Cyrillic Type Design
with Aleksandra Samuļenkova

Aleksandra will teach you the practical skills and theoretical foundation required to design a Cyrillic typeface from scratch. Intro to Cyrillic Type Design is for anyone who’s interested in learning about the Cyrillic script, or for those interested in expanding their general expertise in type design. [starts May 10]

Intro to Arabic Type Design (in Arabic)
with Dr. Nadine Chahine

This introductory course is 24 hours of teaching spread over 4 months. The course is for anyone interested in Arabic type design! Absolute beginners welcome! Taught in Arabic!

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