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Last month another 21 indie foundries joined ILT. In this issue of Featured Fonts, I’d like to introduce you to a small sample of the many great new fonts they brought with them:


One of my new favorite informal handwriting fonts. Rollerscript also comes in two flavors: Smooth and Rough. The latter kind of mimics paper texture. Both styles are cool. And there’s a discount when you get both fonts ($60).

And if that’s not enough to convince you that Rollerscript is a must-have script, then it comes with a huge number of alternates, & 100 ligatures, for that authentic handwriting feel.


For sure, the most fun you’ll have with layer fonts. Farandole, by Francis Chouquet, is a gem.

Play with the layers by adjusting transparency or adding filters like ‘multiply’ for great overprint effects. And there’s also a scribbly hand-drawn decorative layer, if you want to turn the fun dial to 12.


A geometric sans with soft edges and some thoroughly charming details. Meet the new Houschka superfamily from G-Type. Especially fond of Houschka Rounded and that domed-topped A!

2 of the 4 Houschka font families are 42% off for a limited time!

Bay Sans

Bay Sans from Blast Foundry is a solid and versatile sans serif with great details, and available in scores of weights.

Oh, and did I tell you, Bay Sans comes with tons of optional swashes! Great for drop caps and logos, and one of my goto typefaces for typesetting quotations.

Edie & Eddy

Brand new from TypeMates foundry is a superfamily comprising 4 font families: Edie & Eddy can be used for just about anything. They’d make great webfonts; the slab family would look awesome on book covers and posters. Edie & Eddy Text is ideal for editorial design in print or on the web.

Designed by Lisa Fischbach, Edie & Eddy also supports Vietnamese.


Manometer by Fontador, a super-heavyweight thumping slab serif with slim counters. Ideal for: 1. Punchy headlines & titles; 2. Posters; 3. Space rocket branding?

Manometer also comes with a great sans companion called Manometer Sans.

Featured Free Font

Shelf Regular from Type & Roll is free to download for now. Part of a great humanist sans family of fonts that’s especially suited to text, editorial and information design, and branding.

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