Font Fashion Week

Font Fashion Week is just around the corner! It’s a brand new series of free online events organized by I Love Typography to celebrate the latest trends in type design.

Our debut Font Fashion Week (April 4–8) presents 13 new typefaces from some of the biggest names in the type world. With 14 talks (plus blog posts & interviews), there’s something for everyone. We kick off with a talk by Nadine about Fonts for Human-centered BrandingDetails of all the talks are below. There’s something for everyone.

Registration is now open, so get your free tickets now.

Mark Simonson Studio

Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson Studio is one of the most popular branding typefaces of the day. This talk presents its long awaited serif companion. Exciting stuff! [get tickets]

Malou Verlomme

Can a typeface make some noise? This new typeface explores the links between sound and shape. Malou’s talk will showcase the design process and the many ways this typeface can be used. [get tickets]


Explore hands-on specifics for developing coherent variable type systems and how to unlock the full potential of your typography designs – from the trickiest of paragraphs to the biggest headlines. [get tickets]

Kimmy Design

Experimentation with contrast, serifs and terminals to make 3 unique typefaces that share the same skeleton.This talk will showcase the design process and the and the elements that bind these 3 new typefaces together. [get tickets]


This talk presents a typeface reminiscent of French Art Déco and Grotesk typefaces; in both cases, the line is monolinear. Inspired by the French Antiques of the late 19th century, yet ideally suited to branding today. [get tickets]

Australian Type Foundry

Wayne Thompson discusses the different sans genres and how geometric sans are changing their spots. [get tickets]

Lipton Letter Design

Richard Lipton explores how a formal semi-connecting script evolved into a five-weight family. Also covers the nuances of calligraphic design and the transformation of written forms into typographic ones. [get tickets]

Jeremy Tankard Typography

On Jeremy‘s uneasy relationship with rounded sans serifs, and his decision to design one. [get tickets]

Character Type

A new grotesk typeface that blend playfulness with neutrality. [get tickets]

I Love Typography

If typography is the voice of a brand, what sort of typeface would fit a human-centered one? Nadine’s talk focuses on how branding typefaces can bring the human back into design. [get tickets]

XYZ Type & Polymode Studio

This talk details the development of Polymode Sans, a custom variable typeface family for Polymode Studio. [get tickets]


Ever wondered how raw speed, historic victories and a high-octane future translate to type? This is the new visual language for Silverstone. [get tickets]


How Zetafonts used a comfortable typographic style to translate in a font the inclusive, intimate and body positive language of  fashion brand, Yamamay. [get tickets]


Reinventing the typical Parisian typographic language of Galeries Lafayette. [get tickets]

For more information visit the Font Fashion Week (April 4–8) site, or our eventbrite page.

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