Hot new fonts

This month’s hot new releases include a voluptuous space-aged sans from Jean François Porchez, and two new gems from Beasts of England that take us from the roaring twenties through the psychedelic 70s, and speeding into the present day with aplomb and pizazz. Oh, and the launch of ILT’s premium collectibles!

Astronef Super

For me, an instant hit, Astronef Super is a beautifully fat sans serif in three widths. It’s kind of high contrast, but most of that contrast is kind of internalized high: look at the letters S and N, for example. The wide is not just wide but super-wide. Mixing up the widths, especially with the two extremes creates some magnificent effects. Standout characters like the amperhand you’ll be dying to find a use for. Ideal for headlines and posters — and just imagine the drop caps!


From vintage outer-space to Art Nouveau and Jugendstil, a typeface that looks just as at home in the ’20s and ’70s as it does in the 21st century. Sisteron, Beasts of England’s latest release, is another home run, achieving a delicate and gorgeous balance between ostentation and oh-my-god! High contrast letterforms in flares is what first came to my mind. Broad language support, including Vietnamese! Comes with some fantastically funky swash caps too: take a look at the F in FUNK.

Alder Road

Also from beasts of England is the splendid Alder Road. Again, with a firm nod towards Art Deco, but an altogether different beast: high-waisted, ultra-condensed, high contrast letterforms in the Didone tradition. Some gorgeous capital-letter ligatures, plenty of Opentype alternates, and again broad language support. Ideal for that book cover, for spicing up your editorial design, and for packaging.

ILT Collectibles

This month we also launched ILT collectibles. They’re free when you spend $100 or more on the ILT store. What’s even cooler is that you can even choose to gift the collectible to a friend (or to placate an enemy).

This month’s ILT collectible is a premium notebook featuring the beautiful ampersand from HvD’s Palast typeface. Every month we’ll feature a new collectible. Start collecting now!

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