The Month in Type: January 2022

Apparently, it’s now the year 2022 AD! I hope that you were able to decompress over the holidays and New Year, and that you’re now in good health and good spirits. If you missed last month’s edition, be sure to check it out. We named it The Year in Type. Oh, and be sure to take a look at my Favorite Fonts of 2021.

We’ve got a great roundup of type-related news for you, so sit back, pour yourself your favorite beverage and enjoy:

This month’s Month in Type is proudly sponsored by Jamie Clarke Type and Rig Shaded.

Typographically inspired

Tina Smith’s fantastic alphabet. Be sure to follow her on Instagram too!

And a taste of Porphyry, a typeface in the works:

Some great redesigned and reimagined movie posters by Daniel Benneworth-Gray. Daniel’s newsletter, Meanwhile, is well worth subscribing to.

Type treatments

Joan Didion passed away in December. I had never noticed this element of the cover design for her 2005 book, The Year of Magical Thinking. Beautifully subtle. Thanks, Michael Bierut. (If you’re unable to see it: the blue letters spell out JOHN, her late husband’s name.


Learn about the invaluable work of the Typotheque syllabics project.

On the socials

Margot Lévêque’s Ninna was featured in my recent Fav Fonts of 2021. Margot’s Instagram is also well worth following!


Graphic design inspiration

Several of many cool posters on @typoster

And plenty of graphic design history inspiration over at Design Reviewed:

And be sure to visit the Design Reviewed website:

Rayguns & Rocketships

Rian Hughes, the talent behind Device Fonts, has a launched a pretty cool Kickstarter campaign for a beautifully designed book about the best vintage sci-fi book covers.

Ancient alphabets

Some substantial updates to The world’s writing systems website. A very useful resource. For those interested specifically in the Latin alphabet, see ILT’s Who invented the alphabet?

There’s also a great poster showcasing all the world’s scripts. Right now it’s sold out but there will be more in stock in March.

And, did you know that there are still at least seven writing systems yet to be deciphered: Byblos, Cypro-Minoan, Indus-Valley-Script, Linear A, Phaistos Disk, Proto-Elamite, and Rongo Rongo, aproto-writing system discovered on Easter Island.

Death metal

From ancient writing systems to contemporary Death Metal lettering. Olivia Kane from The League of Movable type goes in search of the origins of this lettering style. Listen to the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or visit The League.


Give me an a…

These colorful and varied letters a‘s from young Vietnamese graphic designer, Quynhhuong Nguyen, caught my eye.

… as did this late 18th-century anonymous anthropomorphized alphabet from France:


New fonts

Excited about this new release from Typofonderie. Meet the amazing Astronef Super! Comes in three widths: condensednormal and the wonderfully wide, wide!


Featured free font

Code Next Extra Bold and Extra Bold Italic, from FontFabric’s new geometric sans serif.


Panic carefully

And, finally, a Tee inspired by the meme. The new pandemic anthem:

Please Panic Carefully (set in Extenda)

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Month in Type. If you missed last month’s, find it here. And, in case you missed our Favorite Fonts of 2021, catch up here. And be sure to check out Steven Heller’s latest edition of Font of the Month 👉

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