Why Bold not Black Friday?

We would like to give thanks this Thanksgiving to the brilliant designers who give shape to our words, so we’re taking a bold step that no other font distributor has taken before: All income goes to the foundries and designers. But don’t worry, Bold Friday still offers many attractive discounts. So join us in giving a heartfelt thank you to our indie foundries and enjoy this selection of offers available only today!

FontFabric: 4 families. Fonts from $0

Martin Majoor: 1 family. Fonts from $6

Outras fontes: 10 families. Fonts from $3

Identity Letters: 3 families. Fonts from $7.25

Naipe Foundry: 2 families. Fonts from $15

ShinnType: 26 families. Fonts from $2.50

The Questa Project: 4 families. Fonts from $6.25

Type Salon: 4 families. Fonts from $8.25

And even more Bold Friday offers from: Lettersoup: 10 families – Fonts from $0. MAC Rhino Fonts: 6 families – Fonts from $18. Australian Type Foundry: 14 families – Fonts from $12. Type Salon: 4 families – Fonts from $8.25. Character Type: 8 families – Fonts from $25. type matters: 4 families – Fonts from $14.50. Tabular Type Foundry: 6 families – Fonts from $0. Omega Type Foundry: 2 families – Fonts from $7.50.

See all our Bold Friday offers on Featured Fonts.

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