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ILT signs 21 new foundries

When we launched our store back in June, we did so with 40 indie foundries. Today, just five months on, we’re thrilled to announce a second cohort of 21 foundries and more than 200 font families. Adding more than two hundred typeface families to its offering, ILT has significantly increased its portfolio of handwritten and informal typefaces thanks to Laura Worthington Design, Debi Sementelli, and Chank Fonts. ILT has also widened its offering for branding design with best-selling typefaces such as Mark Simonson’s Proxima Nova and cutting-edge design from foundries such as XYZ Type, Blaze Type, and Zetafonts.

Also joining are fresh and upcoming foundries like Omega Font Foundry and Naipe Foundry; and established foundries such as ShinnType, Lipton Letter Design, Australian Type Foundry, Dunwich Type Founders, and Mac Rhino Fonts. Rounding out the new cohort of 21 foundries are: Character Type, Huy! Fonts, Lettersoup, Outras fontes, Type Salon, Typematters, and Typographies.fr which bring fresh and dynamic typefaces to the site. Here’s a small taste to whet your typographic appetites:

Detail from our New Cohort Alphabet, a selection of letters from our 21 new indie foundry partners


Laura Worthington hardly needs an introduction, and Laura’s Adorn family of fonts is a welcome addition to anyone’s font library. Whether you’re designing a wedding invitation for a friend, or a wine label for fine wine, there’s surely something in the Adorn family that’s just perfect. In addition to display and script fonts, Adorn offers a veritable typographic and lettering Swiss Army knife — with monograms, ornaments, illustrations, banners, frames, and catchwords.


One of my Favorite Fonts of 2020 and still a favorite. I’m especially fond of the middleweights of the two condensed styles, Condensed X and Condensed XX — especially when set all-caps! Etna is ideally suited to editorial design and to short, punchy newspaper-style headlines. I’m thrilled that Mark Simonson’s fonts are now available on ILT.


The magnificent Canto family from educator, type designer, and calligrapher extraordinaire, Richard Lipton. This superfamily has recently been expanded to include four typefaces from the crisp, clean and quintessentially roman (Canto) to authentically calligraphic brush and pen styles.


For an edgy and contemporary display typeface with tons of character, take a closer look at Erotique from Italian type foundry, Zetafonts. High contrast letters with some thoroughly modern ligatures, hairline connections, and scores of alternate letterforms.


Designed by Ricardo Esteves for Outras Fontes, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alegria’s four mix and match styles (Roman, Caps, Bright, and Fill) can be combined to striking effect. The Alegria family includes Alegria Roman, Alegria Caps, Alegria Bright, and Alegria Fill – that can be used as a second layer with Bright or Caps fonts to create chromatic or 3D type.


For decades, his fonts have been used worldwide on everything from popular snack packaging and soda bottles to book covers and big-name movie posters. Chank Fonts’ playful Liquorstore joins the ranks, available in seven styles from Jazz to Buzz Buzz (inline) to a very cool rounded 3D version.


From Toshi Omagari’s brand new foundry, Omega, a wide-stance ‘Western’ slab serif typeface, eschewing the familiar reverse contrast for a low contrast design with some soft touches. In fact, Platia is a fresh-faced revival of the Hellenic Wide style popular in the 19th century. It retains the wide slab look while updating the details, especially curled legs in letters like R and K. Platia comes in 9 weights and also supports Greek and Cyrillic. And the name? Platia means ‘wide’ in Greek. It’s stunning.

Hello My Love

Debbie Sementelli’s rather beautiful Hello My Love is a classic hand-lettered script. Graceful, expansive, flourished, fluid and fantastic, it’s a script that dances across the page. And, as we’ve come to expect from Debbie, Hello My Love comes with more alternate letterforms than you can imagine (1945 characters!). Also included is an ornament font filled with frames, florals and other design elements. Perfect for invitations for weddings and other special occasions!


One of my favorite contemporary blackletters from the rising-star foundry, Blaze Type based in Lyon, France. What started out as a loose interpretation of a Gothic style called Rotunda (a rounder, friendlier looking Gothic letter), transformed into a gorgeous modern-day blackletter with lovely rhythm and some beautiful hairline details. Not only does Emeritus look great when typeset into words, but its ribbonlike forms make it great for abstract backgrounds and patterns too.

In addition to expanding our present cohort from 40 to 61 indie foundry partners, and thousands more fonts, we’ve also broadened our geographic reach with foundries from Sweden, Slovenia, Italy and Brazil joining the ILT family. Over the coming weeks we’ll be featuring more details and many more great typefaces from our new foundry partners – on Instagram and Twitter, in our newsletters, and here on the blog.

And don’t forget to check out our New Cohort alphabet and poster, featuring selections from our new partners in type.

Special Offers

To celebrate, here are some great offers:
50% of all fonts from Outras fontes, Omega Type Foundry, ShinnType, Debi Samentelli, Type Salon, and Lettersoup. 40% all fonts from Character Type, ZetaFonts. 33% of all type matters fonts. 25% off MAC Rhino Fonts. 20% off all Blaze Type fonts.

40% of Graveur from Huy! Fonts. And 40% off these fonts from Australian Type Foundry: ArumSans, Demented Avenger, Wobbly Boot; and 25% off Cedric Colorfont, Deka, HalvorsenPro, Lurline90, and MandyHand.

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