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ILT QUIZ: Early Printing

This quiz is intended to test your knowledge of the early years of printing in Europe, from Gutenberg in the 1450s, through to the year 1500 (the incunabula period). There are a total of 30 multiple-choice questions. The test is not timed. Good luck!



#1. Nicholas Jenson’s first known roman font was produced in?

#2. Who did Aldus Manutius employ to create his first italic fonts?

#3. Which is the larger book format?

#4. Which book format was the most popular during the 15th century?

#5. Who was the first printer in England?

#6. Aldus Manutius printed in which city?

#7. During the 15th century, which of these cities printed the most books?

#8. Which famous Venetian printer used a dolphin & anchor printer's mark?

#9. During the 15th century the most popular language for printed books was...

#10. During the 15th century, which font style was most used?

#11. Which of these font styles is NOT related to Gothic?

#12. Erhard Ratdolt began his printing career in which city?

#13. In letterpress printing, a frisket is?

#14. During the 15th century, most images & illustrations were printed from...

#15. The first to establish a printing press in Venice:

#16. Which of these printers' marks was used by the firm Nicolas Jenson et Socii?

#17. The first known printing press in Italy was established in Subiaco in 1465. The two printers were?

#18. When Nicolas Jenson died, his punches were bequeathed to?

#19. The Nuremberg Chronicle was printed in which city?

#20. Who printed the Nuremberg Chronicle?

#21. Nicolas Jenson was born in...

#22. The first known type specimen was printed in 1486 by whom?

#23. A colophon was first printed in the so-called Mainz Psalter. Who printed it?

#24. Which of these maps is from the Nuremberg Chronicle?

#25. Which h belongs to Nicolas Jenson's first roman font?

#26. The Gutenberg Bible was printed in which style of Gothic font?

#27. Incunables are...

#28. During the 15th century which of these cities did NOT host a notable book fair?

#29. The first known book printed with multi-colored initials was the...

#30. Most 15th-century books were printed on...


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