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The Glorious Glyphs Game

The Glorious Glyphs Game is similar to The Font Game, but as the name suggests, you have to identify the font, not from a string of letters, but from just one character, or glyph. I have built a kind of cheat-sheet with most of game’s glyphs (will complete it soon). This game isn’t timed.

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#1. The @ from Cooper Black is...

#2. One of these letters is from the typeface Maelstrom, designed by Kris Sowersby

#3. One of these is from Template Gothic

#4. Only one K belongs to Commercial Type's Dala Floda

#5. Sandrine Nugue designed the typeface Orientation. Can you spot its a?

#6. Select the g from Zuzana Licko's Matrix Inline

#7. Which is the Archer S?

#8. Eskapade Fraktur was designed by Alisa Nowak & published by TypeTogether. Find its A.

#9. One of these letters is from Erik Spiekermann's Officina

#10. Can you spot the Rockwell m?

#11. One of these letters belongs to Scala

#12. Which is the O from Tal Leming's Ohm typeface?

#13. One of these ampersands belongs to Operator from H&Co.

#14. Which is the Gill Sans R?

#15. Which character is from the font Megalopolis?

#16. Which e belongs to Adobe Jenson?

#17. One of these letters was drawn by Mark Simonson for his Kinescope font

#18. Which glyph is from Decorata?

#19. One of these belongs to Cyrus Highsmith's Occupant Gothic

#20. Which R belongs to Priori Acute?

#21. One of these letters is from the AW Conqueror family

#22. Can you spot the @ from Comic Sans?

#23. One of these letters belongs to Gerard Unger's Swift

#24. One of these was designed by Jonathan Barnbrook & Marcus Leis Allion for Hopeless Diamond

#25. One of these glyphs is from Inkwell Tuscan

#26. One of these glyphs is from Indie Inline by Argentinian foundry, Lián Types

#27. Kris Holmes & Charles Bigelow drew which M for Lucida Handwriting Italic?

#28. One of these section marks belongs to Forza

#29. One of these asterisks belongs to Copperplate Gothic

#30. The M from Curlz is...


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