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ILT QUIZ: Gutenberg

Twenty-two multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of Gutenberg and the first printing in Europe. The test is not timed.

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#1. Which of these was the first printed Bible?

#2. In which city did Gutenberg begin printing?

#3. Which style of font is used in the Gutenberg Bible?

#4. Most copies of the Gutenberg Bible were printed on...

#5. Why is the Gutenberg Bible sometimes called the B42?

#6. The main ingredient of early European metal type was

#7. The language of the Gutenberg Bible is

#8. How many copies of the Gutenberg Bible were printed?

#9. Approximately how many pages are in the Gutenberg Bible?

#10. Gutenberg's principal business partner was

#11. Gutenberg began printing in the

#12. Which of these pages is from the Gutenberg Bible?

#13. Gutenberg's method of printing is commonly known as

#14. Copies of the Gutenberg Bible have some elements printed or written in red. What is the technical term for this?

#15. While in Strasbourg, Gutenberg was involved in the manufacture of...

#16. Before printing the Bible, Gutenberg did NOT print...

#17. Which one of these was NOT an ingredient of Gutenberg's printing ink?

#18. The decorative initials in the Gutenberg Bible are...

#19. What size / format is the Gutenberg Bible?

#20. The Gutenberg Bible is...

#21. Prior to a career in print, Peter Schoeffer had worked as a...

#22. Who of these was Gutenberg's apprentice?


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