Fun with Fonts

Today I launched two short multiple choice quizzes. The first starts at the beginning with Gutenberg, with questions about his life and his famous Bible. Some of the questions are pretty easy; others you might find rather difficult.

The second game, Glorious Glyphs, tests your font identification chops by having you identify individual characters or glyphs from some well-known and not so well-known typefaces.

Whatever you scores, I hope that you learn something about type — or, at the very least, have some fun.

The classic Rather Difficult Font Game, once a popular iPhone app, will also be returning (not as an app but here on ILT).

Also in the works are a number of longer educational quizzes on type history, typographic best practices, font anatomy, and more.

If you have feedback or ideas for new quizzes, then reach out here or on Facebook or Twitter — I don’t have TikTok.

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