This Week in Fonts

Calligraphic flair by DSType, a geometric stencil from Talbot Type, a tempered sans by MVB Fonts, a warm slab courtesy of Dada Studio, a fluid script from Sudtipos, some hand-drawn lettering by Mike Rohde, an art deco inspired face from Tilo Pentzin, a vintage sans by Hold Fast Foundry, geometric forms from HVD Fonts, and a tribute to Ladislav Sutnar by Suitcase Type Foundry.

DSType: Aparo

Designed by Dino dos Santos

Aparo appears to be a very simple bold italic roman typeface, but it has plenty of calligraphic flair, including swashes, collision detectors, alternate characters and a very extended character set.

Talbot Type: Kroppen Round

Designed by Adrian Talbot

Not strictly a stencil font given that several characters are not stencilled. The design has more to do with achieving each character from a single stroke, or series of single strokes.

MVB Fonts: MVB Solitaire

Designed by Mark van Bronkhorst

A tempered sans-serif somewhere between a humanist and a gothic, MVB Solitaire captures a 21st-century neutrality.

Dada Studio: Clavo

Designed by Michał Jarociński

Its warmth comes from subtle details, classical proportions and traditional forms, while its harmonious structure prevents distraction while reading.

Sudtipos: Rolling Pen

Designed by Alejandro Paul

Rolling Pen runneth over with alternates, swashes, ligatures, and other techy perks.

Delve Fonts: Sketchnote

Designed by Mike Rohde

Designed to be practical, to convey the human character and quirks of Mike Rohde’s normal handwriting and unique hand-drawn lettering with the benefits inherent in digital fonts.

Gestalten: High Times

Designed by Tilo Pentzin

High Times takes its inspiration from the eras of Art Deco and Art Nouveau but with a radically contemporary approach.

Hold Fast Foundry: Prohibition

Designed by Mattox Shuler

prohibition fonts

This vintage sans takes queues from classic war and workforce posters.

HVD Fonts: Niveau Grotesk

Designed by Hannes von Döhren

niveau grotesk fonts

Based on geometric forms and influenced by classical 19th-century faces.

Suitcase Type Foundry: Ladislav

Designed by Tomáš Brousil

ladislav fonts

A tribute to the typography of Ladislav Sutnar.

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