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Let’s start with some fantastic news: Issue #2 of Codex magazine is now available for pre-order. What’s more, you can now purchase a subscription. The second issue is rather special — A new Editor in Chief (Paul Shaw), a complete redesign (Linda Florio), more pages, more of the very, very best content. Spread the word.


More Luca Barcellona in action in Firenze:

Erik Spiekermann talks about Type on Screens at Creative Mornings Berlin:

I posted this Ampersand Balloon project by Conor & David months ago. Have just discovered the making of video:

Beautiful Bitmaps, a project from Uppercase mag. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Each letter of the alphabet is available as a print from the Uppercase store.

Great idea from Tim Brown: Type Set Match hosted on Dribbble.

Twenty Swedish Posters for 1930s Hollywood:

HT: @tealtan


I’ve ordered mine, and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Herb Lubalin from Unit Editions:

This meticulously researched book offers a complete career overview of Herb Lubalin, beginning with his early days as one of the original Mad Men in the New York advertising world of the 50s and 60s, and continuing into the years of his greatest achievements as one of the world’s most influential typographers and graphic designers.


An interesting short read on a logo(type) redesign by Typejockeys:

The Air New Zealand Logotype Design Process from Kris Sowersby:

New fonts

Taca designed by Rúben Dias, and released through Fountain Type — a kind of Jean Claude Van Damme meets Eurostile:

The really lovely Hummingbird from Laura Worthington. Replete with a bucket-load of contextual alternates:

Gira Sans by Rui Abreu of Fountain Type:

And a lovely promo video:

Another script from the maestro Ale Paul. Hipster Script:

New from Typotheque, Karloff:

Read more about the design process and inspiration in Beauty & Ugliness in Type Design.

A large family from Adobe, Source Sans Pro. And free to download, including the source files (open source):

Luela from Cindy Kinash is fun. Combine it with Luela Frames for Etsy-esque feel:

From Font Bureau, The Reading Edge™ Series of fonts for small sizes on screens:

The site itself is testament to what can be achieved typographically on screen. Great stuff.

A fun way for kids or adults to learn Korean:

Korable Block from Allied Operations on Vimeo.

Type-related book marks

Baseline.js, a jQuery plugin for fixing vertical baselines.
The Typeface of Truth.
Kerning — the Italian typography conference.
Paris vs New York — Fonts in Use.
Abobe Edge Webfonts.
Using @font-face for resolution independent graphics.
Publishing startups and great fuzziness.


Don’t forget to order your copy of Codex journal of typography! You’ll love it.

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