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The type-obsessive, thoroughly inspiring Andrew Byrom in this TEDxUCLA talk, If h is a chair:

If you haven’t already downloaded it, then get on over to the iTunes store. The iconic FontBook, that yellow, heavy-weight, doorstop, monster of a typeface reference is now available for the iPad. Refereence books are especially suited to digital and the FontBook is no exception.

FontBook on iPad from FontShop on Vimeo.

There’s also a good article over at the FontFeed about the team behind the iPad app. I like Mai-Linh Truong’s closing comment,

The last FontBook was big enough to crack open your skull, but the new FontBook app will totally blow your mind.

I began writing a review, but there really is no need for one. The FontBook has always been a great reference book. It’s now available in an easy-to-search, easy-to-digest format — and it costs little more than a cup of coffee. Need I say more. What would be great is the ability to print samples from within the app. Not sure if that’s even possible?

Some very fat, very orange, vacuum-packed type from Spain-based Txaber:

From vacuumed-packed to exploding type:

Type Fluid Experiment “Z” from Skyrill.com on Vimeo.

See more about the project over at skyrill.com.

Kyle Durrie’s Moveable Type Project. What a wonderful idea:

Arabic type + product design = Kashida:

New from scriptmeister Ale Paul, Poem Script:

Poem Script from Sudtipos Foundry on Vimeo.

Some beautiful specimens of Jean François Porchez’s AW Conqueror on The Case & Point:

How do you create a typeface with a bicycle? Here’s how:

Urbanized Typeface : Shibuya08-09 [PV:EN] from yang02 on Vimeo.

Similarly Joseph Tame does the new Google+ logo on foot (running!) in Tokyo. Twenty-one km! I don’t think there’s much chance of me replicating this feat:

Lots of inspiration to be found on Posters in Amsterdam:

I think I want this bookcase:

Love this iPad Letters Flickr set from Stephen Coles:

Something to try at your next party!

Some more Anamorphic Typography‬‏. Must try this some day:

If you’re wondering how it’s done: just use a projector!

Similar to WLT is typeverything.com. Definitely one to add to your bookmarks:

Not new, but just in case you missed it: Bacon Ipsum.

Marc Bottler’s lettering illusions:

Ralf Herrmann has uploaded a high-res (600 dpi) Walbaum Type Specimen. Lovely:

New fonts

Crescendo by Nancy Harris Roemy and Patrick Griffin for Canada Type:

Weingut a frilly decorative display type by Georg Herold-Wildfeliner for Facetype. A set of four fonts:

Rhythm by Neil Summerour:

Satura by Peter Bruhn and Göran Söderström for Fountain Type. Fourteen fonts in all:

Wallflowers by Laura Worthington. William Morris meets 60s psychedelia. Get your pattern on!

New from Rosetta Type is Nassim. Available in Latin and Arabic. Impressive:

New from Photo-Lettering is a pull-no-punches slab serif. Meet Goliath:

New from HVD fonts is Pluto. Sixteen fonts in all:

FF Sero by Jörg Hemker:

FF Sero Medium is free to download and try.

Looking for a letterpress shop in Oakland? look no further than Rebecca Peters.

Mota Italic Gallery in Berlin is holding an exhibition of the work of the 2011 graduating master classes at the University of Reading (UK) and the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (NL). Runs through August 27. Twenty-four typefaces in all. Congratulations to all the students who have produced some really exceptional work. One of my many favorites is the five-layer Quintet from Kunihiko Okano (@Shotype_EN)

Love Mark Adison Smith’s blog, You Look Like the Right Type. Overheard dialogue rendered in numerous wonderful styles of lettering:


Louise Fili & Steven Heller trace the history of typographic scripts in Scripts: Elegant Lettering From Design’s Golden Age:

Ben Archer reviews the long-awaited English edition of Joep Pohlen’s Letter Fountain:

Add it to your wishlist. Published by Taschen.

Reading list

And finally…

There are a limited number of Codex magazine remaining, so if you don’t yet have a copy, grab yours now. More on the second issue of Codex coming soon.

Next month will mark ILT’s fifth birthday! Lots in store for this site. I aim to devote more time to it. I even have a complete redesign planned.

Have a great weekend!

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