Sayonara 2010

The Week in Type

Two thousand and ten has been something of a blur, but it’s been a good year. It’s been another good year for type design and typography, with some great new work, and some wonderful new type designs. So, to ease you into 2011, and the wonders that await, I present to you the week in type.

New Type

Ardoise from Jean François Porchez. Wonderful:

A companion to Jos Buivenga’s popular Calluna has just been released. Calluna Sans is available from MyFonts. The regular weight is free:

And be sure to take a look at the Calluna Sans PDF specimen.

Pompadour, a set of Fat Face numerals from Andy Mangold, free to download as eps:


Some wonderful shots of Typotron, from one of the world’s best book designers, Jost Hochuli:

Seven billion:

via @brainpicker

Let’s press:

Let’s Press from Strawberry Militia on Vimeo.

Typekit’s Tim Brown on More perfect Web Typography:

Tim Brown – More Perfect Typography from Build on Vimeo.

A nice new site for Pentagram set in FF Dagny:

A new site to accompany the second edition of Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type.

Dan Reynolds will be reviewing the book in the first issue of Codex.

Another redesigned site from Edenspiekermann. Using FF Unit & FF Unit Slab:

A lovely set of sixteenth century woodcut initials by Michael Isengrin, working at Basel:

Type tools & Type Tips

Wordmark is a site that allows you to preview all the fonts installed on your computer:

This is a wonderful site. Ever wondered which typeface is used in that magazine or book?

And be sure to follow @Font_ID too. You can post your Font ID questions.

An interesting, and simple to implement text effect on Twitter’s best of 2010. A little -webkit-mask-image to intriduce some grungy noise and scratches.

3D using only CSS:

From @mdo, a designer at Twitter, and someone well worth following.

Lettering.js for kerning big type:

Creating an iBook (ePUB) for the iPad with InDesign:

Type links

Mistakes in Typography Grate the Purists — NYTimes.com
Alternatives to Common Fonts.
David Carson marks his return to print with CARSON Magazine.

Best of 2010 lists


In German, but Google Translate does an OK job of translating it into English.


Balduina is certainly one of my favorites in the list.


I will be publish my list next month. In the meantime, here is my 2009 list.


In Basel on January 22? Then don’t miss their first first Typo Stammtisch.

Prototypes: The Experimental Typography of Andrew Byrom — January 27, New York.

Type Camp Rome — 1–8 May 2011.

And finally

If 2010 was the webfont’s incunabula, then it looks as though 2011 will mark its coming of age. Look out for web fonts from H&FJ — that’s going to be big. If you haven’t already downloaded Flipboard, then be sure to do so. Craig Mod ( one to follow) and co. have done an excellent job on the mise en page and typography. And an insider tells me that this is just the beginning. Next up on ILT is the first part in a series from Dr Paul DijstelbergeSea Changes: the coming of the book.

And finally, finally, Working Format in Canada will be working under my art direction on the design of Codex magazine, while super-woman Carolyn Wood is neck deep (perhaps deeper) in editing all the articles. I plan to print 5,000 copies, and hope to begin taking pre-orders in February. Codex will be published quarterly, so I’ll be offering subscriptions too. Will you be ordering one?

Have a fantastic week.

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