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Just after the war (I don’t recall when exactly, but perhaps it was in the early days of QuarkXPress), I do recall trying to find good templates for magazines and newspapers. I found none — at least I found none that didn’t resemble something put together by the office Janitor who did the company newsletters in MS Word during his lunch-break.

Ready Media from Roger Black and Co. (a chap who knows more than a thing or two about newspaper and magazine design) has filled that gaping hole in the market.

Though some have been critical, the templates on offer look better than the average magazine or newspaper. Moreover, a well designed template is a good way for less experienced designers to get started, and a great way to become better acquainted with InDesign.

One commenter writes, What a huge setback for designers and magazine makers. Bunkum! Is a template (and remember they can be customized) always the solution? Of course not. They are targeted at a market that needs them. And as for those who complain that all magazines and newspapers will begin to look alike — they already do!

Good designers will continue to design great magazines and newspapers. These templates are another option — one aimed not at the entire market, but at a thin cross-sectional slice.

And better Roger Black than the janitor.

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