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Notice anything different? ILT has gone green. In addition I have a new masthead. For more than a year, one of my all-time favourite typefaces has graced the head of these pages; but it’s time for a change. I had given some thought to a complete redesign, but then I asked myself, why? So, I’ve chosen not to redesign just for the sake of it. Instead, I’ve made some relatively minor changes, including the menu at the very top, tweaks to the sidebar, and swapping out the red for a little green. Now who can name the typeface?

OK, on with the show. Let’s start out with some more green. This lovely poster from ColorCubic:

quid est veritas by colorcubic

And this even more impressive piece:

nueva forma by colorcubic

ColorCubic is also on Flickr. You can buy a print here.
Via fudge graphics.

A little grid goodness, and the redesign of Unit Interactive:

unit interactive redesign

Well worth reading Unit’s blog post about the redesign.

Next up is a typeface that, when it was first released, I pretty much ignored. But after taking a closer look, thanks to Stephen Coles’ excellent review of FF Tisa, I’ve really warmed to it:

ff tisa ink traps

There’s also an extensive specimen on issu.com.

Greg Meadows has taken some more great found type photos. A walk through the boneyard gave us these:



Be sure to check out the others in the set.

Some interesting type experiments:


Like this alphabet from Margus Tamm. Parasite Typography:

margus tamm

New typefaces

Great to see a new type from Jonathan Barnbrook and co. Inspired by those monster 19th century ad slabs, Regime has some lovely little quirks and a number of additional experimental characters and alternates (really like the alternate g and Q, in particular).

regime by jonathan barnbrook

New from Sudtipos is Kewl Script:

kewl script by ale paul

And Sugar Pie, which grew out of an ‘italic’ version of the hugely popular Candy Script.

sugar pie by ale paul

Be sure to take a look at the PDF specimens for both Kewl Script and Sugar Pie.

Ubiquitous typefaces often lose their edge; Gotham, despite its use everywhere and in just about everything, hasn’t. To me, it remains as good — if not better-looking — than it ever did. And what’s more, the Gotham family benefits from some new additions, including Narrow, Extra Narrow, and Condensed:

new gothams from H and FJ

Some nice type treatments in this video (though it’s a little too long):

Tees from Magpie Studio:

magpie studio

Really like Peter Hoffmann’s GlasHaus:


The cover of today’s Sun Herald:

sun herald

Via @RogerBlack & @FontBlog.

I’m keen to get my hands on a copy of the latest issue of How magazine. Stephen Coles writes on Cure for the Common Font:

cure for the common font by stephen coles

An expanded version of the article will later appear on Typographica.
If someone from HOW is reading this, please contact me about getting hold of a copy in Japan.

As I approach my 40th birthday (ouch!) this is particularly poignant. Youth by Julien De Repentigny:

Julien De Repentigny

The outstanding paper-form lettering of Russian born Yulia Brodskaya:

yulia brodskaya

Type links

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The Ultimate Adobe InDesign Toolbox — via @creativecurio
Design Matters — with Neville Brody (iTunes podcast)

Great 3D type, colour palette and texture in this poster from Mike Harpin:

mike harpin black tie dinner

If you read Japanese, then you’ll enjoy the latest issue of Web Designing. Not just because I wrote for it, but because the whole issue is devoted to typography.


Hicks Design has done a great job on the icons for FontExplorer Pro:

hicks design

Read about the process on their blog.

Just love this 50s Chevrolet ad spread:


Thanks, Malin.

Some new and great pieces from Cristiana Couceiro:

cristiana couceiro

cristiana couceiro

I’m a huge fan. The Portuguese wonder is also on Flickr (as I’ve mentioned before).

New book

This one is at the top of my shopping list. Adrian Frutiger — typefaces: the complete works

book: adrian frutiger typefaces

Type & typography RSS feeds

Here are some recommended type-related RSS feeds. You can download the OPML file (save it, then import into your RSS reader of choice). I’ve heard some say that they struggle to keep up with the RSS feeds they presently subscribe to. But RSS is not about reading every single post. The strength of RSS is that, at a glance, you have all the titles of all the posts; you only need read those that pique your interest. If you believe there are others worthy of inclusion, then let me know in the comments. Remember, only type-related blogs.

And finally …

Will someone please correct this young lady on her misconceptions about Arial.

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A brilliant article on diacritics by David Březina.

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