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I hope that my American readers had (or are having) a wonderful Thanksgiving. The winner of the Ugmonk t-shirt give-away is at the end of this post, in addition to a special offer for iLT readers. Lots of type goodness today, so let’s get started with …

some lovely letterpress, and a pretty web site. Wilkintie:

Birthday cakes with a typographic twist, from Suck UK:

Via deathbykerning.

Art of Music from Museum Studio:

Thanks, Blake.

A great screen-printed calendar. Unfortunately it’s sold out. However, perhaps if they receive enough requests, they’ll consider another print run:

Thanks for the heads up from inspirationbit on twitter.

Posters from Jean Widmer, via Aisle One:

Kyle Bean:

Thanks, Lauren.

Another fantastic illustration from Kevin Cornell for A List Apart:

The End, a collection of film end titles:

Some humour from Hamish:

Also available in 1920 × 1200 and 1024 × 640 for your desktop.

From TypeSites, a review of the beautiful Good:

Some great type and lettering photos from Depression Press:

Nice work from Studio Punkat:

But sadly one of the most annoyingly frustrating web sites you are ever likely to visit. Fortunately, there’s a Studio Punkat Flickr page.

A great little (out of copyright) book found on archive.org:

You can literally flip through the book on issuu.

Nice cover from Danny Goldberg:

Again, nice work, but when will designers start creating accessible sites‽ Sorry, Danny.

New fonts

New styles of Whitman & Whitman Display:

Several new types from Sudtipos:
First is Angelus


and Paz:

A good collection (aggregation) of type-related RSS feeds from Alltop:

Type links

Helvetica and the New York City Subway
Quantum of Solace location cards [via]
“T” towel
Behind the Obama logo
sIFR revision 436 (download)
Paris Métro Style
Letter Love-Silk Batik Scarf
Font Meta Karaoke
Font of the year

An interesting experimental type from Manolo Guerrero. Optica normal:

Manolo’s site is written in Spanish, but here’s a link to an English version (via Google translate)

Ugmonk t-shirt winner

Thanks to all who took part. I will pass on your recommendations to Jeff at Ugmonk. So, the winner is Alain Boisvert who wrote that he’d like to see an ë emblazoned across an Ugmonk t-shirt. Alain, I’ll pass on your mail address to Jeff, so you should be hearing something soon.

And here’s one of the latest offerings from Ugmonk:

For iLT readers there’s a special deal: 12% discount for any Ugmonk t-shirt; just enter the code ILTGIVE at checkout. This code is good from Wednesday, November 26 through Wednesday, December 10. Happy shopping.

I’m hoping that I can spend more time on iLT in December. I have many articles to finish writing, including Part 5 of the Type History series, The coming of the sans; the lengthy Why type matters; and a list of 100 of my favourite typefaces; and lots, lots more.

And finally …

I wonder whether anyone can name the typeface used for this article’s masthead? Vague hint: it hasn’t been released yet.

Those posters from Joseph Mueller (including casanova) will arrive any day now, so I’ll be giving some of those away to previous commeters. I had something of a Spring Clean (in November), and found a number of posters that I just don’t have the wall space for. I’d love to hang on to them, but I’d rather they grace your walls, than sit in their tubes indefinitely. The first one I’m — reluctantly — giving away is Coudal’s Field Notes screen-printed poster (18″ × 24″):

Who wants it? Quick, before I change my mind :)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s the week in Type. Have a fantastic weekend!

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